A-MAZE-ING Sunflower Field Trip

May 22, 2011 Masaryktown, FL 34604, USA

Yesterday, we visited a local farm which is a little different than the typical farm. Sure, they have produce growing, cows, chickens and pigs. But ya know what else they have? A SUNFLOWER MAZE

So I thought I'd send a little post of pictures from our adventure. Although I took nearly one hundred photos, obviously I can't put that many here. But I'll share quite a few because few things are more beautiful than a sunflower field. I can't think of one at this moment.

Lorelai, Alexis and my granddaughter, Rosie.

A cow, also named Rosie

A bee doing his job. Beautiful!

This is the map of this year's maze. Yep, that's a goat you're seeing.
Granddaughter and me.

Where there are sunflowers... 

Following clues to find our way out..

The day wasn't particularly hot but those "walls" of sunflowers allow no air circulation. It was almost unbearable at times. 

One cannot have a farm without a treehouse.

Meet Elvis

We made it out! 

"No, I love YOU more." 

Lorelai and me.

Eco-Craft time! This is a pot made of newspaper. 
Dirt and a sunflower seed were added. 
In a few days, once it sprouts, we'll plant the entire thing in the ground.

Happy Homeschooling!


  1. I love seeing the pictures of you; what a great day everybody had...!
    Up here, we're still about two months away from having any sunflowers this tall. Haven't seen any little ones yet, even. :-(
    Nice to know other places have them, though! :-)))

  2. We only have 6 weeks of "winter". So we get our growing started quite a bit earlier than other places.

    Thanks for stopping by, Jennifer!

  3. This looks like such an awesome field trip! Great pictures, too. So glad everyone had such a good time.

  4. That is so cool! It inspires me to look for a sunflower maze.


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