10 Money-Saving Homeschool Tips

Jul 9, 2012

1. Use the library. Not only does the library have books, but they also have programs. Take advantage of both. Remember, if your library doesn't have the book you want, many libraries have an Inter-loan agreement with nearby libraries. Just ask!

2. Use Public Domain books. One such source is The Baldwin Project.

3. Buy used curriculum from homeschooling swaps/sales. Check out online sales and auctions as well.

4. Borrow, rent or swap with other homeschoolers you know.

5. Renew, reuse, recycle! Keep the books you use for siblings who will be homeschooling in the future.

6. Visit parks, beaches, historical places, etc. Other than the cost of gas, many of these are free.

7. Go to hobby and craft stores: look for clearance items and open-end craft supplies.

8. Find educational programming on TV or Netflix. The History Channel and National Geographic, for instance, offer great documentaries that may fit in with what you are currently studying.

9. Use printables from sites such as Enchanted Learning.

10. Use the newspaper or online articles for current event topics.

What other free or low-cost tips do you use in your homeschool? Share them in the comments.

Happy Homeschooling!


  1. Mya Nameo7/18/2012

    . Sometimes it's cheaper to make it; sometimes not, but the experience is
    very cool and a learning experience. This includes everything from Play
    Dough to shelves for kids

  2. katherinecollins20007/20/2012

    utilize coupons for #7. Michaels and AC Moore both have 50% off coupons almost every week and I got a teacher card for the latter, saving me another 15% on top of that. My boys love building models and Knex and all the kids like crafts. My little boys just went through 6 sheets of Shrinky Dink plastic in 2 days, but with a coupon and discount, a pack is less than $3.

  3. Looking for clearance items are the best way to be on budget while on College. Most of the things you want can be found over the internet and be easily delivered.


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