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Apr 8, 2013

All about learning

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I have a confession to make. Lorelai is just turned 10 years old and, until recently, she couldn't read.

That's right. She couldn't read. I'd tried everything, and none of it was working.

So, we've been using All About Learning for one month. It's been such a positive experience that I want to share it with you. After struggling for so long with spelling, I'm grateful to have this program which is working wonders for her.


Lorelai has been having difficulties with reading and spelling. While she does well at her lessons, she never seems to retain and recognize words when she sees them elsewhere. This has been an ongoing challenge.

Last month, I purchased All About Spelling. After speaking to the owner, I decided that I'd start at level one and "fast track" Lorelai so that I can be sure she's grasping the basic concepts of spelling.

Divider Cards and Flash Cards


Basic Interactive Spelling Kit

  • Letter tiles
  • Magnets for letter tiles
  • Phonogram CD-ROM (in case you need to learn the sounds)
  • Divider cards 

All About Spelling Level I

  • Teacher's Manual
  • Phonogram Cards
  • Sound Cards
  • Key Word Cards
  • Spelling Word Cards 
  • Tokens 

Benefits of All About Spelling

  • Easy to use - The lesson plans are scripted. Simply open the Teacher's Manual and do what it says for each lesson.
  • Multi-Sensory Program - Through a variety of materials and activities such as flash cards, letter tiles, writing and speaking, this program reinforces concepts through sight, sound and touch.
  • Mastery-based - Only one concept is taught at a time. Each lesson reinforces previous lessons through reviews before introducing the next concept.
  • Short Lessons - The child doesn't grow weary or bored from long lessons. A few minutes a day does the trick. (I especially like this as it falls in well with the Charlotte Mason principle of short lessons.)
  • Materials Included - So far, I've not had to provide anything other than a pencil and paper.
  • It's fun and it works! - We are really enjoying this program because it's so easy, fun, and it actually does work. Everything Lorelai has learned, she has retained.
The only thing I'll do differently with my next purchase is that I'll buy the Deluxe Interactive Spelling Kit.

I thought we wouldn't need the tote bag or the Spelling Review Box, but I was mistaken. The materials really do need a home, otherwise it's difficult to keep track of the cards and tokens.

We've been using this program for a month and Lorelai loves it! On more than one occasion, she's begged to continue once our lesson complete.

She's very excited to finally be retaining what she's studied and not having to ask me "How do I spell...." quite as much as she used to.

Since we're doing a "Fast Track" process, she'll soon be in Level II. There are seven levels in total and we're looking forward to using them! 

Visit the All About Spelling website. I'm impressed that such an affordable product has given us such great results. Even a single mom, like me, can afford to use this great program.

Quick update 2018:

This post was originally written in 2013. Since then, we've learned that Lorelai has dyslexia and auditory processing disorderAs well, my granddaughter has experienced the same delay in reading - nearly 10 years old and wasn't retaining. She, too, used All About Reading, and now reads complete books before bed!

So if your child is struggling with dyslexia or reading delays, look into this program!


  1. Anonymous4/08/2013

    That looks great, I shall be checking it out for my daughter.

    Thank you - from Lyn via UBC

    1. I'm happy you found my review useful, Lyn!

  2. Great review! Just purchased AAS 1 + Deluxe Kit :) Woohoo! Thanks, Michelle!


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