Screen-Free Family Activities

Apr 15, 2013

A 10-day series on how to reduce or eliminate the amount of time our children spend on various types of screens.

I'm excited to be participating in the Spring 2013 Hopscotch with the other talented bloggers at the iHomeschool Network.

My series is on Screen-Free Family Activities.

April 29-May 5, my family will be participating the Screen-Free Week Challenge. This will be our second year. Last year, we had a great time. I think this year may be a little more challenging as we've aquired more screens. Still, I'm going for it!

Although I encourage everyone to take the Screen-Free Week Challenge, the following posts are not for that purpose. They're simply some good ideas for reducing screen-time year-round, connecting with our famili
es, and living life more fully.

Here is the list of posts I'll be making over the next two weeks.

Day 1: Screen-Free with Preschoolers
Day 2: Replacing Screens with Music
Day 3: Going Screen-Free with Art (blogiversary giveaway #2!)
Day 4: More Screen-Free Fun: 50 Things to Do Outdoors
Day 5: Encouraging Creativity Reduces Screen Time
Day 6: How to Reduce and Regulate Screen Time
Day 7: 45 Handicraft Ideas
Day 8: Cooking with Kids: No Screens Required (blogiversary giveaway #3)
Day 9: Screen-Free Can Be a Lifestyle
Day 10: Let's Celebrate Screen-Free Week 2013

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