An Antonio Vivaldi Composer Study

Oct 24, 2013

A composer study of Antonio Vivaldi using A Young Scholar's Guide to Composers. #homeschool #composerstudy

This is Day #7 of my 10-day series, Composer Studies for Young Scholars

I've covered a lot over the last six days. Now I want to share with you one of our own composer studies. Using "A Young Scholar's Guide to Composers", we had a study of Antonio Vivaldi. 

Day #1
We listed to "Spring". 

Next, we read the Antonio Vivaldi bio in "A Young Scholar's Guide to Composers". The bio is about 2 pages in length, so it takes no time at all to read through it. 

The last step of the day was to fill out the Student Review Questions. 

Day #2
We listened to "Spring" again. 

We partially filled out the Composer Info-Cards, map and timeline. Lorelai completed her coloring page and we put it all together in the folderbook. 

Day #3
We listened to "Spring" again. This time, we discussed it.

  • What do you think Vivaldi was thinking of or feeling when he wrote this piece?
  • What do you feel like when you listen to it?
  • What images come to mind when you hear it? 
  • What is the tempo like in the beginning? Does it change? 
For this composition, Vivaldi wrote sonnets. So I added in the extra step of writing the sonnet on our notebooking pages. (Note: This is not in "A Young Scholar's Guide to Composers," but is an extra I added to the lesson.)

Day #4
On this day, I asked Lorelai to tell me the name of the composer and composition we've been studying. Then we listened to the composition again.

Lorelai loves word search sheets, so I printed this Vivaldi word search I found. (Note: also not a part of the curriculum, but an extra I threw in for Lorelai.)

I hope this example of a composer study has helped you. To learn more about "A Young Scholar's Guide to Composers" please see my review.

What types of things do you include in your composer study activities? 

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Happy Homeschooling!

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