Excelerate Spanish Review

Nov 15, 2013

I always thought teaching Spanish to my kids would be simple. I taught it in public school to third graders, why wouldn't I be able to teach it to my own?

Well I was wrong. I haven't been able to successfully teach Spanish to my kids. Nothing seems to stick. No amount of fun activities, lapbooks, drills or anything else has resulted in my kids actually being able to use Spanish in any real way. 

Until now, that is.  

Excelerate Spanish has changed all that.

{Disclosure: I received a free copy of this curriculum and was compensated for my writing time. The opinions expressed are my own and I was not asked or required to write a positive review. This post also contains affiliate links. See my full disclosure policy.}

Multi-Sensory Learning for Spanish Students

Did you take a Spanish class in high school? How much of it do you actually remember? Have all of those drills, conjugation exercises and unrealistic dialogues served you well in the real world? Or have you retained very little usable Spanish?

This homeschool Spanish curriculum takes an entirely different approach to teaching Spanish. It teaches language in much the same way we learned our first language.

Think about this: Parents do not give their babies vocabulary lists and conjugation drills. Children learn from hearing daily conversations. They learn when we speak to them. We point to the table while saying "put it on the table." We hug a doll and say, "Love the baby doll." Eventually, they grasp the language without even one grammar lesson.

The children learn because they see, hear and physically experience the language.

Excelerate Spanish works much the same way. The program incorporates the senses in order to teach the language in a more natural way.

This homeschool Spanish curriculum allows the student to...

  • Hear the words.
  • See the physical gestures of the teacher.
  • Gesture the words.
  • Learn the words from realistic situations and dialogues, dramatizations and stories/skits.
  • Complete worksheets, drawings and other projects.

What Do Excelerate Spanish Lesson

The complete program includes:
  • 1 Lesson Book
  • 1 Workbook
  • 1 Answer Key book
  • 4 DVDs

We begin our lesson by joining a classroom of children and their teacher on a DVD. We may or may not complete an entire DVD lesson. After all, Lorelai is still young and I still respect the 10-20 minute attention span common to her age.

Afterwards, we use the lesson book to read the lecturas/lectures. These lectures are full of stories and dramatizations. (This fits right into our living book style of learning.) The book also contains many ideas for projects and activities that can turn a Spanish lesson into a fun afternoon.

In addition, the workbook contains fun activities such as word searches and word scrambles.

This curriculum can be completed as fast or as slow as you need. Take a week to do a lesson. Or stretch it to two weeks, if you like. Also, the lessons in the workbook can be completed in any order you or your child feel like doing them. You can do what works best for your child.

Excelerate Spanish Increases Learning, Retention and Fun

When I first put the DVD in and began watching the online classroom, I was wondering how on earth my child was going to learn this. It seemed fast paced, the teacher adding on words almost continually. I was pleasantly surprised when, after only a few sentences, my daughter was actually responding to the the teacher's instructions which were given in Spanish

She understood what was being said right away!

Not only did she pick up on the words quickly, but she's retaining them. Because the dialogues are realistic situations, we can actually practice Spanish in our everyday world. 

Being able to speak Spanish in the real world is the goal, right? I give this course an A+ on that count. 

Lorelai loves that we get to act out scenes, do hands-on activities and fun worksheets. The lessons are lively, interspersed with stories, dramas and the teacher's own wit.

I can't even put into words how excited I am about this program. I'm going to recommend it to our homeschool co-op. This is just the best thing since.. homeschool! 

Who Would Benefit from Excelerate Spanish?

This is a great Spanish curriculum for..
  • Parents who want to teach Spanish to their children ages 7 and up.
  • Parents of left or right brain learners.
  • Parents searching for a homeschool Spanish curriculum that actually works.
  • Anyone who wants to learn Spanish. Yes, that's right. Even adults.
  • Someone needing to refresh their Spanish speaking skills.

How You Can Own Excelerate Spanish

The complete homeschool Spanish curriculum can be purchased for $139.00 at Excelerate Spanish. With many homeschool Spanish curriculum programs costing $600 or more, this is a steal. (Not to mention, you're getting a program that actually works!)

If you'd prefer to purchase only one set of lessons at a time, that's possible too. Just check out the website to see the other options available.

You can also follow Excelerate Spanish on Facebook and Google+.

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