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Feb 18, 2014

Praxis is an alternative to college for kids who either don't want to attend or want to take a gap year off between high school and college.

Not all kids want to go to college. Many parents don't want to hear that, but it's true. Some kids have a natural knack towards business. They just want to go out into the real world and do what they do. 

Alexis and I have been discussing her options. Although she's planning to dual enroll for the fall, she may or may not want to continue college once she's 18. We're discussing options. What options are available should she decide not to continue with a college career? 

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Praxis is an alternative to college.

For a child who decides college isn't their thing or just wants to take a gap year, there is Praxis. This intensive 10-month program offers hands-on business experience to young people.

This internship is unique. Rather than being assigned to a cubicle pushing papers, the participant works at a small business, gaining career-related work experience. Participants must live near the partnering business. A student may choose to move near a business or may request a certain location.

Not only do participants gain real-life work experience, but they are obtaining an education in subjects such as philosophy, entrepreneurship, economics and history. 

How Praxis works

Students invest 40 hours per week into their career-related education. This includes 30 hours of work, for which the student is paid, plus 10 hours of online courses. The Praxis curriculum appears to be quite intensive, offering the same information and skills available through a traditional college education. 

In addition to an education with a paying job, participants also work with an advisor who will help them create a portfolio, obtain training in writing, public speaking and other skills. 

Participants graduate with: 
  • a full year of work experience
  • a rigorous liberal arts and business education
  • social and business networking skills
  • confidence and knowledge of the business world
The courses are online, but there is a week-long opening seminar and a graduation at the end of the program. Visit Praxis to learn more.

How to Get Started with Praxis

The first step is to apply to the Praxis program.  There are two 10-month programs each year. The programs run September through June, and February through November.  

The tuition for Praxis is $12,000, which is much less than tuition for a year of college. Participants are paid $10/hour for their 30 hours of work each week. In the end, this offsets the entire cost of tuition. Apply to Praxis.

Learn More about Praxis

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