Homeschool Nature Studies Are Easy with NaturExplorers

Jul 22, 2014

Are you looking for an easy way to conduct nature studies in your homeschool? NaturExplorers makes nature study easy.

Thank you for joining me on Day 2 of my 5-day series "Super Easy Ways to Teach Middle School Science."

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This week I'm talking about how we can make science an easier, less intimidating subject to teach in middle school. Yesterday I wrote about using Supercharged Science, leaving complete responsibility for science up to the instructor and your child. It works. It's easy.

Those science lessons are important, but they don't cancel out the need for nature study.

Nature studies help deepen appreciation for creation and cultivate a sense of wonder.

Whether or not you use an outside source for teaching science, I highly recommend continuing nature study throughout your child's homeschool career. It's important to remain connected with nature, no matter your age. 

That's why I still do nature study with my kids who are middle and high school ages. I don't want my children to lose their deep appreciation for creation. I don't want them to lose the wonder at seeing a creature, discovering a new flower or even just the beauty of a blue sky.

Nature study is easy.

Nature studies can be intimidating to those who have never done them.
  • Where do I begin?
  • What do I focus on?
  • How do we do it?
The good news is there are so many ways to conduct nature studies. There are two basic tasks involved: Observe and document. Documenting can be as simple as taking a few notes or as creative as gathering leaves and making a showpiece to hang on the wall. (For some tips, see my 5-day series on nature studies.)

One of the easiest ways is to use NaturExplorers unit studies from Shining Dawn Books. I enjoy using these books because they fit our Charlotte Mason style of homeschooling, which means they provide a cross-curriculum unit study that is relaxed, hands-on and nature-focused. My kind of study!

Each unit study includes:
  • Inspiration for the parent
  • Literature suggestions for the children
  • Background information concerning the main focus of the nature topic
  • Ideas for nature walks and other outside activities
  • Follow-up hands-on activity ideas
  • Writing and research ideas
  • References for Bible study, artist and composer study, and poetry
  • Kid-friendly internet links and book lists for further study
  • Ideas for adapting the material for younger and older children, as well as ideas for groups of children
  • Notebooking pages
The NaturExplorers series includes topics such as Animal Signs, Beautiful Birds, Captivating Clouds, Constant Conifers, Peaceful Ponds, Spectacular Spinders and many more. 

For more information on NaturExplorers read my review. Visit the Shining Dawn Books to purchase yours. 

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