Super Easy Ways to Teach Middle School Science

Jul 21, 2014

Science doesn't need to be difficult. This 5-part series offers super easy ways to teach science to middle school students.

Science comes easy for some and not-so-easy for others. Either way, we could all use some fresh ideas for making science an easier to subject to learn, couldn't we?

Middle school can seem overwhelming. Not only are you teaching science, but you may feel that you have to bump up your game now that your child is preparing for high school. This is one of the points when parents may become fearful of continuing forward in the homeschool journey.

Never fear! I have good news for you. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to teach middle school science. 

Although I'm pretty good with nature study, science isn't my strongest suit. For that reason, I've found easy ways to teach science to my middle school child. This week I'll be sharing some ideas with you.

Day 1 - Supercharge Your Homeschool Science Studies

Day 2 - Homeschool Nature Studies Are Easy with NaturExplorers
Day 3 - Use Local Resources to Teach Middle School Science
Day 4 - Online Resources for Teaching Middle School Science

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