Our Charlotte Mason Homeschool Curriculum: 2014-15

Aug 4, 2014

Based on the Charlotte Mason method and offering literature-based learning, these are my homeschool curriculum choices middle and high school.
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Our Charlotte Mason Education 

Year 6

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This is our 6th year homeschooling with the Charlotte Mason method. Although we're continuing to use this method, things will look a bit different this year than in previous years

In the past, I've taught multiple ages with a few independent studies. This year, we'll have a few 'together' studies, but mostly we'll have independent.

Our Charlotte Mason Homeschool Curriculum 2014-15

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This week is Curriculum Week.

I wrote three chapters in The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas including 
  • Navigating from High School to College with a Dyslexic Child 
  • Homeschooling the Bipolar Child and 
  • Transitioning from Elementary to Middle School Years. 
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