Our Learning Spaces 2014-15

Aug 11, 2014

This week I'm sharing  our homeschool spaces at the "Not" Back-to-School Blog Hop.

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This week School Room Week at the "Not" Back-to-School Blog Hop! This is the week we hop around looking at everyone's learning spaces.

Our learning happens all over the place. Here are some examples of where we learn.

Our 'home base' is our dining room. 

This is where computer and written lessons are done. It's also where we play games and do arts and crafts. 

As of yesterday, this bookcase is also located in the dining room. 

I got tired of the mess of hauling books to and from the living room. By no means are these all the books we own, but they're all I need in that bookcase at this time.

The boxes underneath are the girls' workboxes. That's where I place the assignments for each day. Once they complete them, there is a crate (not pictured, but usually to the left of their boxes) in which the girls place their completed work.

Also in the dining room is our roll-away storage for art supplies.

Much of our learning takes place in 'real life' and out of doors...

...and nature-based festivals.

 We take field trips with our homeschool group.

We use our library a lot.

We go on hiking trips with our county conservation group.

We use natural resources likes parks and springs for P.E. days, too.

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This week is School Room Week.

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Happy Homeschooling!


  1. It is so true that we homeschool everywhere! Great post.

  2. Lovely! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. I love how you pointed out that we can really homeschool our kids anywhere. I take my kids on errands with me all the time, and people are always asking why they aren't in school. Yet, they fail to realize that having them in a grocery store with me teaches them so many life skills (including the all famous must have subject...MATH.)

    1. Crystal, I remember those days. When my now-grown kids were homeschooling I got that question ALL THE TIME. When I'd state we were homeschooling, they would invariably ask "What is that?" Ahhh. So glad those days are gone for us. Nowadays homeschooling is a norm in our area.


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