6 Fall Traditions My Family Enjoys

Sep 22, 2014

Our family has a list of things we do each and every autumn season. Come find out what they are.

I've been waiting for fall for months now. I know that must sound crazy. I don't know why it was on my mind, but it was. For a few months, I've been having mental flashes to all the things we did last fall and found myself anticipating all the fun events.

And now it's finally here. FALL IS HERE! 

Right now our family is busy preparing for the birth of another child. The baby is due on October 8th (Yay! Another grandchild!) and we're putting together foods for labor and postpartumn. (You can see some of the great suggestions my Facebook followers gave me here.) But baby needs to time this right, because I have plans! ;-) 

Here are a few of our family traditions.

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Great Bowls of Fire Chili Cookoff

We attend this event every year and have done so for about a decade. If we do absolutely nothing else, we are sure to attend this annual event. Every year I say I'm going to enter my chili 'next year' and it never happens. I don't know why I've not done it yet. 

The chili cookoff is something we look forward to every fall and is a great day of fun for our family.

Deland Festival of the Arts

Another thing we attend in Deland is the Fall Festival of the Arts. We love art and this is certainly the place to see a wide variety of local art. There is usually live music and lots of food, too.

Autumn Food Traditions

At least once during this season, our family will enjoy my grandma's crockpot ground beef stew and my own chili recipe. I will make an overabundant amount and it won't be enough. That's just how it is. 

Renaissance Faire

This is a new tradition. We had so much fun last year, that I want to do it every year. I've heard the one in Tampa is huge, but I have only been to the one in Lady of the Lakes, Florida. I think we'll do it as a part of our fall things-to-do every year.

Black Bear Festival

Last year we began living in the forest with bears. After coming face-to-face with them a couple of times, I was determined to learn all I could about them. One thing we did was attend a bear festival where Lorelai and I learned so much. The festival itself was a lot of fun and we plan to do it again every fall season. 

Unfortunately, it will be held on the same day as the cookoff this year. Our plan is to hit the chili cookoff early, then spend the afternoon at the bear festival. There will be quite the little drive between these two events as they're in different counties, but it will be a day to remember for sure!

Hiking and Fall Nature Studies

We also enjoy hiking when the weather is cooler. It's just more tolerable in the fall. We do nature studies year-round, of course, but this is when we choose a tree to study for a year. Out hiking, we find a lot of things in the fall that would wouldn't see at other times of year, which lends itself to some unique studies.

This year, we'll be studying cicadas and owls. In Florida, we do not experience the 13- and 17-year cicadas that are found in other parts of the country. (Honestly, I didn't even know about those until last week!) We have never heard their song.

Our cicadas return annually and have their own song. Basically, they're the southern cousins of the cicadas you may know about. Anyway, we're going to study all of them, noting the similarities and differences along the way.

We'll also be studying owls. I'm going to be putting together a post with all the resources we use, but we'll be starting right where I always start with nature studies: NaturExplorers. We'll be using Flying Creatures of the Night as our jump-off point.

Does your family have traditions for the fall season? Please share in the comments. I love learning what others do.

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Happy Fall Ya'll!

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