How I Use My Homeschool Journey to Help Others

Oct 16, 2014

Learn why I co-authored The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas and why I chose these particular topics: Bipolar Disorder, Dyslexia, High School and Middle School.

Our Homeschool Journey

I believe all parents are homeschoolers and some of us simply choose to do it full time. We're all on our own educational journey. There are twists and turns, detours and smooth traveling. It's a journey.

In my case, I learned about homeschooling in 1991, but chose to do it full time in October 1999, when I pulled my son out of public school. Over the years, our homeschool has experienced many changes. 

Experience is one skilled teacher! Now I teach others as a homeschool and parenting consultant. Helping others is what I enjoy. Knowing I've helped someone see their homeschool path more clearly is a rewarding experience. So that's what I do.

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My Contribution to The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas

A few months ago, I chose to contribute three chapters to The Big Book of Homeschooling IdeasI wrote three chapters in this book.

  • Navigating from High School to College with a Dyslexic Child
Excerpt: "I’m here to tell you that your dyslexic high school student can go to college. They can do the work. They can take the exams. The key is to put in the extra time and effort with them while they’re still homeschooling."

  • Homeschooling the Bipolar Child
Excerpt: "It is a natural inclination to do what is “normal.” When you find out your child has bipolar disorder, there are many you will not immediately understand. It takes a lot of patience, observation and analyzing to really understand what your child is doing, why they’re doing it, and what makes them do it. As you learn these things, 
you will need to adjust your life to them."

  • Transitioning from Elementary to Middle School Years
Excerpt: "If you are feeling overwhelmed or second-guessing yourself, please relax. This isn't going to be the huge change you think it will. Just as there was no big difference between third and fourth grade, there is no vast difference between fifth and sixth. It is a natural progression."

I chose these three topics because all of these situations can strike fear into a homeschooling parent. Yes, these can be intimidating situations, but I'm here to tell you that you can do it. I know because I've done it and there's certainly nothing extra-special about me.

In my three chapters, I provide tips for homeschooling through these situations. These tips will guide you on your journey and add to smooth and easy homeschool days.

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Yesterday, Alicia Hutchinson from Investing Love and author of the chapters Children's Literature, Homeschool Conferences and Unit Studies, gave away a free copy of Mrs. Hutchinson's Classroom Guide.

Tomorrow, October 17, Jennifer Janes from Jennifer A. Janes, author of the chapters Special Needs Homeschooling and 25 Ideas for Ministry and Volunterring in the Community with Kids, will be sharing her homeschool story.

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