30+ Awesome Gift Ideas for Geeks

Nov 18, 2014

Find the perfect gift for that geek in your life with this gift idea guide from www.HeartofMichelle.com.

As the matriarch of a geek family, I'm often looking for great neat fandom gifts. Whether it's for a homeschool graduation party or some other event or non-event (because the best gifts are the random ones).

Here is my list of over 30 gift ideas for the geeks in your life.

30+ Awesome Gift Ideas for Geeks

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Gifts for Him

Geek Bathrobes

Make him feel like the king of his castle - or at least the commander of his ship - with a Star Trek bathrobe

Or a Doctor Who bathrobe

Geek Neckties

I know ties as gifts are rather cliché, but we all know it happens. If you're going to do it, make your geek happy with a Doctor Who tie.

Or Star Wars tie.

Give Him a Geek Watch

Perhaps he'd like this Batman Watch. Or this one. He's not a Batman fan? What about Superman? Or Doctor Who?

Gifts for Her


She can be warm and cozy this winter with these Doctor Who pajama pants. Or these.


What Whovian woman wouldn't love to have a pair of sonic screwdriver earrings and a necklace? (Feel free to add me to your gift list if you want to buy these for someone.) 

Perhaps she'd like these Weeping Angel.

Or any of these many pieces of Doctor Who Jewelry.

And a place to store the jewelry is always nice.


This Star Trek dress would be perfect for a cosplay.

Gifts for Kids


Backpacks come in handy to homeschoolers and public schoolers alike. Minecraft fans are sure to love this creeper backpack.

Or this Adventure Time lunchbox and thermos

Of course a Doctor Who lunchbox would be great for holding all those Jellie Bellies, right?

Toys and Games

Kids absolutely love the Minecraft Papercraft sets.

If you're child loves LEGO and Minecraft, try these awesome LEGO sets.

My daughter loved receiving sonic screwdrivers at her grad party. She got the ones for the 10th and 11th doctors (they do different things).

Did you know you can get....

...Doctor Who Monopoly?

...Doctor Who Yahtzee?

...Doctor Who Trivial Pursuit?

...Doctor Who Risk?

...a Doctor Who Chess Set? 

Babies need gifts, too. Check out all these geeky onesies!

More Geek Gifts

Share some tea with this Tardis teapot.

Who would enjoy these toast warm Doctor Who boot slippers

A towel set is always nice.

Geek Fuel

Geek Fuel is a monthly boxed packed (and I do mean packed!) with themed goodies. Any geek would love a subscription.

T-Shirts for All

All sorts of geek tees! Best of all, they're reasonably priced at only $16!

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Happy Shopping!


  1. I've got the TARDIS teapot and a sonic screwdriver necklace. I got hubby a 4th Doctor scarf for our last Doctor Who party. I really want a Doctor Who Monopoly or Trivial Pursuit game. When my daughter asked me what I want for Family Day (we celebrate hubby & my wedding anniversary with gifts for the whole family) I suggested she get together with her sisters and get me an ABC Shop voucher. I don't buy from ThinkGeek because the postage is too high to Australia.

  2. BTW do you know of any geek cons that will be on in the USA in Sept next year? (That's when we're hoping to be over there - finances depending)

  3. What time of September? We go to the Anime Weekend in Atlanta every September. Usually the last weekend of the month. Let me know dates and I'll see what we can find.


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