100 Art Resources for Homeschoolers

Dec 8, 2014

A huge collection of all sorts of resources for studying artists and their art. www.apassionledlife.com

Art is a big thing in my family. Several of my kids are gifted with artistic talents such as drawing, painting, sculpting, composing music and singing. It's important to us.

The arts are an important part of education, as well. As parents (not just homeschoolers), we need to create an environment that offers them plenty of opportunity to explore the arts.

All children have a natural appreciation for beauty and creativity. We only need to nurture it.
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We need to have plenty of resources to do this, right? Right. That's why I'm sharing with you 100 art resources today.

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100 Art Resources for Homeschoolers

Art Printables, Notebooking Pages and Freebies

Getting Started in Chalk Pastel Art (Freebie!)
Free Artist Notebook Pages
Color Harmonies Workbook
Tell a Story Like Rockwell: A Norman Rockwell Art Lesson
Learning about the 4 Seasons (FREE Printable)

Famous Artists Report Form
Art Warm-up Printables
Printable Color Wheel Activity
Georgia O’Keeffe Quotation Copywork
Artist Notebooking Page

Impressionism Notebooking Pages
Renaissance Art Notebooking Pages
Bruegel Notebooking Pages
Georges Seurat and Pointillism Notebooking Pages
Ancient Greek Architecture Notebooking Pages

Ancient Greek Pottery and Sculpture Notebooking Pages
Ancient Greek Art Notebooking Pages
Medieval Art Notebooking Pages
Quotations from Artists Notebooking Pages
Ish by Peter H. Reynolds Notebooking Pages

Cubism Notebooking Pages
Impressionist Painting Scavenger Hunt Printable Notebook Page

Famous Artist & Picture Study Notebooking Pages

"All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up." -Pablo Picasso  www.apassionledlife.com

Art Supply Ideas

Fun Art Supply Ideas (Free PDF)
Must Have Items for the Artistic Homeschool
Homemade Watercolor Paint
Must Have Art Supplies for a Project Based Homeschool
The Organized Homeschool Challenge: Art and Craft Supplies

Stocking Art Supplies and Craft Items in the Homeschool Art Cabinet
How to organize your homeschool supplies
Art Supplies Every Homeschool Should Have

Art Ideas and Tips

Textured Art
You Can Be an Artist in 10 Days
Art with Preschoolers
Art, Discovery, and the Nurture of Mom
Encouraging Creativity Reduces Screen Usage

Going Screen-Free with Art
Marvelous Monday - Art and Music
How to Teach Homeschool Art
How to Avoid Mistakes When Teaching Art
How I Teach Grant Wood to My Homeschool Co-op

Unschooling Fine Arts
How to Teach the Arts Even if You Have No Artistic Talent
Mega List of Free Online Art Resources
Teaching Art to a Non-artsy Kid
Arts and Crafts With LEGO

How to Teach Art in the Homeschool
Are the Arts Important in Education?
A Simple Way to Add Art Appreciation to your Homeschool
Teaching the Color Wheel
Teaching Art to Kids: Easy Ideas to Get Started

How I Teach Fine Arts to Multiple Ages Using the Charlotte Mason Method
The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Artistic Children
Artist Study - Charlotte Mason Style
Egyptian Art-Art History Lesson Plans and Ideas
Famous Artist Activities for Kids

Art Lessons, Tutorials and Curricula

Pastels Plus Links to Tutorials
See the Light - Art Curriculum Review
Art Around the Ancient World Series
End of Year Black and White Art Party
Art Lesson by Artist

Winter Wonderland Mixed Media Workshop
The Art of Fall: Mixed Media Workshop for Kids
Aboriginal Dot Art Lesson-An Outback Painting
Greece Unit: Magazine Clipping Mosaics
Art Lesson: Cracked Wax Resist

Art Pastels: Fall Scene
Greece Unit: How to Make a Grecian Urn
15 Minute Art Project: Hand-Painted Tissue Paper {for gift bags}
Art Lesson: Easy Watercolor Landscape Tutorial
Scratch Art: Art Project for ANY Age

Art Tutorial: Magazine Scrap Sketches
Abstract Self-Portrait Art Tutorial
Free Art Curriculum
Exploring AZTEC Clay Art for Kids
Favorite Homeschool Art and Music Curriculum

Art Project: Learning About Perspective ~ Part I
Art Project: Paper Silhouettes
Art With Canvas & Painters Tape

Art Project for Kids: Making Paint Like Impressionists
Art for All Ages Chalk Pastel Lessons

Art on Pinterest

Stephanie shared Best Pinterest Boards for Art.

Here are a few other Pinterest boards for art resources.

Hop over to 100 Things at iHomeschool Network where 100 of us got together to bring you.. well... 100 things! 

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  3. Art education helps students develop creativity, self-expression, analytical skills,i need an essay written discipline, cross-cultural understandings, and a heightened appreciation for the arts.!


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