Chalk Pastels: Easy Art for All Ages

Jan 15, 2015

Chalk pastels are an easy and affordable medium for teaching homeschool art.

One of Lorelai's favorite pastimes is creating art with chalk pastels. In fact, my girls do some pretty creative stuff with them.

Chalk Pastels: Easy Art for All Ages

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Learning chalk pastels is easy and fun.

We got started with chalk pastels a couple of years ago when my friend Tricia came out with a book called A Simple Start to Chalk Pastels. I was able to obtain a copy and try it out with Lorelai. It was an immediate winner.

Easy to follow, Lorelai was able to jump right in with her first drawing. There was no stopping her after that first one.

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So that was the start of chalk pastels in this house. In time, it has been used for all sorts of art from beach scenes to Minecraft creeper paintings. Alexis incorporates them into her art journaling.

Chalk pastels incorporated into art journaling

Art for All Ages offers students a chance to learn real techniques.

Since that first book, Tricia and "Nana" have come out with many books teaching chalk pastel techniques. 

A Seasonal Start in Fall Chalk Pastels 

A Seasonal Start in Spring Chalk Pastels
American Landmarks

and so many more.

What's fabulous about these books are that they are simple to use. The tutorials are easy to understand and follow. These aren't just little books for a little kid. You actually learn art techniques that can be used to create beautiful works of art.

See this example of Nana teaching a technique with chalk pastels.

You know what else is great about these books? They're affordable. Even a single mama like me can gift these to her children.

Chalk pastels affords parents an easy way to include art in the homeschool. These books are an affordable curriculum for teaching chalk pastel art (and even learning it for yourself).

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  1. I love my friend, Tricia's wonderful chart art books and tutorials! They add a lot to the homeschool day, and to the lng hot summer days, too.


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