10 Things You Should Know If We're Going to Be Best Friends

Oct 26, 2015


If you're looking for a best friend, I may or may not be that person. 

I'm pretty easy to get along with, am fiercely loyal, and I don't believe friendship is a here-today-gone-tomorrow thing. When I am someone's friend, I love them as if they were my own flesh and blood.

Because of that, I have many acquaintances, but usually only have one or two people I call friends. I mean, that's a pretty intense feeling - love - and it isn't something you dish out to every person you meet, is it?

But this post isn't about me choosing you for a friend. Rather, it's about whether you would choose me for a friend. 

So would I be a good BFF fit for you? I have no idea, but if I'm ever a candidate for being your best friend, you should probably know a few weird things about me first.

10 Things You Should Know If We're Going to Be BFFs

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I Don't Do Early Morning.

I will never meet you for an early morning coffee. I will not hop in the car at 5 a.m. to head out on a road trip with you. It's just not going to happen. It's not that I'm not a morning person. I actually enjoy morning time. 

It's this: I don't like the time between 5 a.m. and 8 a.m. I've theorized this has something to do with my youth and school days, but that's probably a post for another time (or perhaps 20 sessions with a therapist)

The point is I don't like that time of day. I hate the early morning sounds, smells, and feel of the early morning air. Even the happy chirps of the birds at that time of day tick me off.

These things used to produce anxiety in me, but as I've grown older, they just irk me. You're welcome to begin your day any time you like, but I won't be joining you until 8 a.m.

I Don't Like Pizza

I know. I'm weird. Who doesn't like pizza? This girl. 

Please don't invite me out for pizza. If you do, I may have to stop being your friend. Just kidding. I won't go that far, but I don't like pizza.

In late 1999, Scotty and his brother were delivery drivers for a pizza restaurant. Their sister and I worked for another pizza restaurant at the same time.

Four of us. All working with pizza. Pizza. All the time. There was so much pizza in my life! 

I've never recovered from the experience.

I Don't Do Shopping.

Love shopping with your bestie? If I'm your best friend, that's probably not going to happen. I mean, maybe. One day. When I'm utterly desperate and ... nah, it won't happen.

I don't like shopping. Not even a little.

My shopping mission is to get in and out as quickly as possible. My weekly grocery shopping takes me 20 minutes max. And my adult daughter does my shopping for clothing, whether mine or my kids'. 

Seriously. I've got this avoiding stores thing down to a science.

Like shopping? Cool. But you'll have to do it with your other BFF.

My Desire to Socialize Isn't Consistent

Like most people, I am an ambivert. 

Now, depending on which test I take, I'm other a pure ambivert, rating at 53% on the spectrum, or I'm an introvert with ambivert functions. 

Either way, I have traits of both introverted and extroverted people. While some traits may be consistently one or the other, my socializing habits aren't. They move up and down the introversion-extroversion spectrum.

Sometimes I'm all about getting out of the house, hanging out with friends, and having a good time. Other times, I'm a hermit crab, choosing to stay in my home and guard myself from the outside world.

So while I may enter a phase of regularly getting together with you for all sorts of activities, there will be times the introvert takes over. During those times, no one really hears from me. 

I binge socialize. There are times when I go, go, go! Then I won't leave my house for months. 

I know. It's weird. Don't take it personally. The extrovert will come out to play again.

Let's Talk Phobias and Road Trips

I love traveling. Love, love, love it!

But there are a few things you should know before we hit the road. 

I have a pretty strong fear of spaghetti roads. That is to say, a fear of roads like the ones on this Pinterest board.

Also, I'm afraid of mountain roads and bridges for the same reason: I'm afraid I'll drive off of them. I also have a crazy fear of being next to tall things - like mountains. Oh my gosh, the panic I feel even thinking of it!

So how do I travel to places like the Carolinas or Atlanta all the time? I freak out. A lot. Not kidding.

It's terrible, but true.

So here's the deal. We can travel. Road trips are fun! But when those situations arise, know that I will be struggling to breathe, and clenching the steering wheel so hard you'll worry I might pull it out of the dashboard.

But I love traveling, so let's do it! 

I Love Onions and Peppers

Maybe love is a strong word. 

I really like onions and peppers. My food philosophy is "It's not food unless it begins with onions and peppers."

Don't worry. I don't go overboard with it. You're not going to be served onion-n-pepper pancakes with maple syrup, for instance. But I do make a lot of foods that start with these two ingredients. 

Examples are my chili and ground beef stew.

If you don't like onions and peppers, that's fine. Just let me know before I have you over for dinner. 

I'm A Doctor Who Addict

Yes, I'm one of those. I'm not your casual viewer. Not at all.

I watch every episode and can reference just about anything in them. My kids and I have a collection of Doctor Who t-shirts, socks, phone cases, and sonic screwdrivers that probably warrants some sort of therapy.

But I don't want to be helped.

Even Lorelai's 5th grade party was themed Doctor Who

You don't have to be a whovian to be my friend, but prepare to be lost when my kids and I start geeking Doctor Who.

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Doctor Who

We Won't Be Jogging

I don't mind exercise, but I don't sweat. It's called hypohidrosis. Instead of sweating, my face turns red as I overheat. Sure it happens if I work out indoors, too. But if I can cool off with fans, water, and air conditioning, I won't encounter problems.

I like exercise and I need it. So if you want to work out with me, we'll find another way. 

Things I Enjoy Doing

I'm not limited to these things, of course, but here are a few activities I enjoy.
  • reading (mostly true crime)
  • researching (anything I want to know about)
  • dancing
  • hiking
  • visiting historical places like St. Augustine (excuse the cruddy format. Old post.)
  • Cons like this one and this one.

I Have Special Needs Kids.

This impacts every aspect of my life. They have bipolar disorder. What this means to you:

  • I may leave events unexpectedly.
  • I may not be able to show up for events we planned.
  • I am very focused on food and med schedules. Alarms go off on my phone every two hours and I will take care of whatever needs to be done at that time regardless of activity.

I do my best to keep on top of the issues and not let them interrupt planned activities. Even so, mental illness isn't completely controllable and neither are the co-morbid anxieties. I apologize in advance for all the events we are going to cancel or leave. It's going to happen. I'm sorry. 

If you can accept and tolerate my idiosyncrasies and special needs issues, maybe I can be your BFF! 

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