10 Resources for the Charlotte Mason Homeschool

Oct 12, 2015

charlotte mason resources

The Charlotte Mason method is a popular choice for many homeschool families. I've been using it in our homeschool since 2009. My only regret is that I didn't discover it 10 years earlier.

It has been a tremendous blessing to us.

Every now and then, I like to share Charlotte Mason resources. Today, I'm sharing a few of my favorites.

10 Resources for the Charlotte Mason Homeschool

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Charlotte Mason Books

A Home Education by Charlotte Mason
While this is only one piece of her writings, it's a vital piece. If you don't read the complete writings, at least read this one. It will help you truly understand the philosophy.

A Charlotte Mason Education and More Charlotte Mason Education
With these books you will learn what the method looks like in action. With sample schedules and concise explanations, you will see what CM homeschooling looks like in a homeschool.

A Twaddle-Free Education by Deborah Taylor-Hough
Written by my friend Deborah, this book brings to life the beauty of the method. Written in rich, descriptive language, you can't help but appreciate the way this method nurtures the nature of children.

Charlotte Mason Homeschooling by Shining Dawn Books
This is one of my favorite resources. Why? Because in this book, Cindy West teaches you, week-by-week, to implement the CM method in your own homeschool. (You can read my thoughts on the book here.) It is the perfect help for putting the method into action.

Websites and Blogs

Charlotte Mason Home Education 
This site, also by my friend Deborah, will help you more fully understand the method.

Harmony Fine Arts 
You can pick up some fantastic artist and composer study curricula here. (I've been using her products for years!) Be sure to subscribe to her blog. You'll learn a lot about teaching art.

The CM Series
This is actually a part of the AmblesideOnline site. I find myself visiting it often to re-read pieces and parts of Charlotte Mason's writings.

Brookdale House
Brookdale House publishes writing, history, geography, and other curricula based on the Charlotte Mason method. This is one of my new favorite curriculum suppliers.

Charlotte Mason on Pinterest
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A Passion-Led Life
That's right. The blog you're on right now is a Charlotte Mason resource. You can start checking out my CM posts by clicking here.


  1. Thanks for the link love, Michelle! :D

  2. I use Ambleside on a weekly basis but have never visited some of the other sites you mentioned. Thank you for sharing!


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