Are You Following These 10 Secular Homeschool Blogs?

Dec 21, 2015

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Secular homeschool blogs are difficult to find.

Although my homeschool is definitely not secular, I try to keep my homeschool materials as religion-free as possible. 
(This post at BookShark answers the question "Why Would Christians Choose a Secular Homeschool Curriculum?")

For those of you who prefer secular homeschool blogs, I've created this roundup for you. But first, since you've landed here, you may be new to this blog, so let me share a little about it.

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The Heart of Michelle used to be The Holistic Homeschooler. In those days, it was strictly a homeschool blog.

Nowadays, it's a personal blog that includes information related to homeschooling, raising kids who have special needs such as mental health issues, and I'm trying to add travel to the mix (that's right - I'm taking my homeschool on the road!).

All of the homeschooling posts are secular. We are an incredibly relaxed Charlotte Mason homeschool.

As far as homeschool posts go, you'll find loads of:

- encouragement
- nature study
- a strong focus onthe fine arts, including art and music/composer studies 
- homeschool resources which includes products I've used and recommend.

Now that you know what you'll find here, let's move on to 10 Secular Blogs You Should Be Following.

Look! We're Learning! - This blog is one of my favorites. Not only because my friend Selena is the author, but also because it contains a wealth of materials from unit studies to printables.

If you're looking for information on homeschooling kids who have A.D.H.D., or want to teach your kids sign language, you'll want to check out her blog.

Education Possible - This blog is loaded with secular homeschool resources! I'd say of all the blogs and bloggers I know, this is the go-to for homeschooling middle and high school.

Middleway Mom - This blog is not strictly secular. However, the core homeschool curricula and resources she shares are. Much like my own situation, the author, Shannen, is religious, but tries to keep her homeschool materials more on the secular level so she can teach her kids according to her own beliefs.

Starts at Eight - From curriculum to raising teens, testing, electives and unit studies, Heidi has you covered! This blog is just a treasure trove of information and help for homeschooling through the high school years. I can't recommend it more highly.

My Little Poppies - Caitlin is a first-class book nerd and she's not selfish about it. She shares book lists all the time (I pin most of them to my Books for Kids Pinterest board).

As well, you'll find information there about homeschool special needs kids. In her case, she's homeschooling a son who is gifted and twice-exceptional.

Tina's Dynamic Homeschool Plus - Let me tell you about Tina! This woman has an incredible blog! It's this perfect blend of classical, Charlotte Mason, and unit studies. On her blog you have access to lapbooking, notebooking, unit studies, hands-on activities, and a wealth of historical information.

I don't even know where she finds the time to create all this content, but it's pretty fantastic! 

Mama Teaches - written by a former elementary school teacher turned homeschooler, this blog offers practical how-to information and resources. She's a pretty well-rounded blogger. You'll find tips, information, recipes - and not just homeschooling information either. She's got parenting hacks and all sorts of mom-related stuff going on. 

Teach Beside Me - A homeschool mom of 4, Karyn brings you an eclectic, mostly-secular blog. She only sometimes shares faith-based information. She has a leaning toward love TJEd philosophies, Classical, and Charlotte Mason methods.

This is your go-to resources for activities. Lots of activities! 


Far From Normal - Like my blog, this is more of a personal blog. She has homeschool information, but she also has recipes and other family-related content. You'll find a lot of homeschool tips and how-to information there.

Investing Love - is a personal blog with a focus on homeschooling. You'll find a variety of topics including information for homeschooling middle school.

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  1. Thank you for this explanation. My blog does not have religious posts or materials. I do have Christmas and Easter theme nonreligious educational resources. I taught in Minnesota and religion was not in the curriculum so I make things I could use at school. I used to write a lot of Sunday School materials in the days prior to computers, which was the difficult way. Wise Owl Factory

    1. Yes, there are many religious homeschoolers who don't seek out religious materials. But boy are they are to find!

  2. Thank you for including us, Michelle! <3

  3. My blog is secular and I've been keeping it for over 8 years (now at wordpress, originally at the now-defunct homeschool journal site). Our five kids are 4, 8, 12, 15 and 17 and we are pretty non-traditional homeschoolers. :)

    1. Yay! Another secular blog to check out! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Wanted to mention this great compilation of secular homeschool blogs as well:

  5. Thank you for including me!! :)

  6. This is a great post! I started homeschooling almost two years ago!! We are totally secular but live in the Bible Belt. I am in the process of starting my own blog and also finding other awesome secular bloggers. SO glad to have found you!!

    1. Glad you're here. Let me know when your blog is up and running. I'll hop over.

  7. Hi Michelle, this is amazing and so well put. I've been diving into finding such kind of blogs and I get into the right place. I haven't heard of some of these homeschool blogs, so I definitely have to check them out.

  8. Great List!!! thanks for sharing such amazing list of secular blogs and I love to read these blogs. I am already following some of them and the one which I am not following I will definitely like to go through, these blogs helps me improving my way of homeschooling and Its been 8 years that I have been homeschooling my children.
    My elder son has also started his Online homeschooling where he is doing well in his curriculum and younger son is being homeschooled by me. It feels great that I could homeschool them and its all because of the support which I got from blogs.


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