5 Resources for Parents of Kids Who Have Bipolar Disorder

Dec 11, 2015


I wanted to come here with a long list of resources. I really did. But that's not going to happen. 

Why? Because there's nothing out there. Seriously.

I receive emails like this one all the time:

"I want to thank you. Today I almost gave up and accepted that I'd lose my child to this illness. I was convinced no one out there knew what it was like to parent kids who have bipolar disorder. Then I did a search for 'parenting kids with bipolar disorder' and found your blog. I could have written those posts myself! I'm so grateful to find this resource."
And while it brings me joy to know I'm helping, the sad truth is there really are no real resources out there. 

Sure, you'll find an article here and there, but there is nothing that provides real information and support for parenting kids who have this illness

There are a few reasons for this.
  • Many medical professionals refuse to acknowledge that children can have this illness.
  • Those who do recognize it, don't want to 'label' kids. (I have a problem with that.) 
  • No one, professional or not, seems to understand the illness.
What that means is I can't come up with the wealth of resources I should be able to bring to you.

Instead of bringing you the two I could find, I'm adding some of my own to the list to bring you five.

5 Resources for Parents of Kids Who Have Bipolar Disorder

The Balanced Mind Parent Network

The Balanced Mind Parent Network provides support and guidance for parents of children with mood disorders.

International Bipolar Foundation

While not expressly focused on children, you will find a lot of helpful information at the International Bipolar Foundation website.

The Heart of Michelle

That's right. The blog you're reading right now. Subscribe here to receive tips, information and support directly to your inbox each week.

Facebook Group

I started this Facebook group as a safe place for parents to chat, ask questions, and get real support for bipolar disorder.

Bipolar Disorder and Mental Health on Pinterest

I recently started this Pinterest board to share any helpful information I find. 

Do you have any resources you've found helpful? I'd love to know about them! Share in the comments.

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