5 Wintertime Nature Study Ideas for Your Homeschool

Jan 11, 2016

5 Wintertime Nature Study Ideas for Your Homeschool

Although outdoors time isn't always our first thought for wintertime, children still need to be out of doors

Like all other seasons, winter offers it's own unique variety of learning opportunities. In fact, theere are plenty of good reasons for having winter nature studies. 
I recommend reading Charlotte Mason's writings about winter walks to gain a better understanding of why children should be outdoors in winter.

But what to do in winter? Glad you asked! I've put together a 5-post series full of ideas for wintertime nature studies. Give them a look. I'm sure you'll find some fun activities to do with your children!

5 Wintertime Nature Study Ideas for Your Homeschool

This week I'm bringing you a 5-post series on winter nature studies. They are as follows:

10 Simple Winter Nature Study Ideas - 
This list of 10 winter nature study ideas is simple, yet provides a rewarding experience for your homeschool family.

5 Books Every Naturalist Should Own - Being equipped with helpful resources is key to successful nature studies, no matter the season. These 5 books are a must-have!

Winter Nature Studies Made Easy - Whether you're new to nature studies, or an old pro, this nature study curriculum is simply the best!

10 Must-Have Nature Study Supplies - If you're setting outdoors for a nature study, you'll need a few basics. These must-have nature study supplies will get you off on the right foot!

25 Nature Study Activities for Winter - Nature studies are fun on their own, but did you know you can combine them with arts and crafts? Here's a list of 25 nature studies that do just that!

Perhaps you're in Florida or another warm area. Or maybe you found this series in the summer? You may be interested in reading my Summertime Nature Studies series.

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