4 Reasons You Should Use Essential Oils for Cleaning

Aug 1, 2016

Commercial cleaning supplies may cut through grease and grime but nothing compares to using essential oils for cleaning.

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Essential Oils Clean and Disinfect Better

Essential oils are natural ingredients that clean and disinfect better than any mass-produced cleaners. In addition to being disinfectant, essential oils have antibacterial, antiseptic, antiviral, anti-fungal, and germicidal properties that can:

  • prevent or eliminate mold and mildew
  • purify and freshen the air leaving behind a fresh, clean aroma
  • deodorize garbage cans and disposals
  • eliminate all types of pet odors
  • prevent the growth of bacteria that causes E. coli and salmonella

When you use cleaners made with essential oils, you know your home is truly clean.

Essential Oils Are Safe and Natural

You never have to worry about leaving any toxic chemical residue behind that can be harmful to your health when you use essential oils. When you mix the oils with other natural ingredients such as vinegar or water, you have a powerful all natural cleaner that is as safe to use, as it is effective.

You can use these oils to make air fresheners and multi-purpose cleaners that will clean, disinfect and deodorize every room in the home from the bathroom to the playroom.

Since these homemade cleaners are nontoxic, you can even use them to clean and disinfect children’s toys.

Essential Oils Are Healthier

Some of the ingredients used in commercial cleaning products can cause skin irritation, headaches and allergy symptoms such as watery eyes and sneezing. 

When you use these cleaners daily, they can cause long-term serious problems that include respiratory diseases, neurotoxicity, hormone disruption, reproductive disorders and even cancer.

You won’t have that problem when you clean with essential oils because they are all natural and you’re mixing them with natural ingredients so they’re safer to use. You’re not constantly exposing yourself to harmful chemicals that could eventually cause one or more of these health problems.

Making Your Own Cleaners Is Cheaper

As an added benefit, you can save money by making your own cleaning supplies using these oils because a few drops go a long way.

A basic all purpose cleaner, for instance, would be to fill a 16 oz spray bottle with 3 parts water and 1 part white vinegar. Add 5-10 drops of your favorite essential oil. Voila! You have a cleaner to tackle just about every job in your home and you did it for pennies on the dollar!

Stay tuned for my next green living tips post: Top 10 Essential Oils for Cleaning Your Home.

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