Weekly Wrap-Up: The Week Found a New Home

Nov 25, 2016

new house

This is something I've kept under my hat for a while, but I've been looking to move.

Housing in my area has become unaffordable, to say the least. Experts claim the country is experiencing an affordable housing crisis because millennials, unlike generations past, aren't purchasing homes. 

They're just renting indefinitely.

The result is sky-high rental rates. At least that's the case in the Orlando-Daytona area, where I currently live.

We Found a New Home

After all this time, I had to start looking outside of my home county. It turns out that was the ticket. I found a home in Ocala and I'm excited, but there's work to be done. 

Much work.

You see, not only did the previous renters leave the carpet in bad shape, they also had a very ... well, let's say they had an eclectic taste in paint colors.

Seriously. Brace yourself. And maybe put on some sunglasses.

Mind you, I saw the house the same day the landlords saw it. They had no clue the condition it was in. I've agreed to paint it if they buy the paint. This way, I can do it in my own style.

I've already arranged to have a paint party with my kids and friends. (Might as well make it fun, right?)

The only struggle at the moment is pulling together all the costs of moving. I'm about $400 short at the moment. (#ThatSingleMomLife)

But I'm confident it will all work out.

An Art Festival and Disney's Dapper Day

We attended our annual fall art festival. We didn't actually spend our time focused on the art or crafts, though. We got sidetracked by a band called Seven Nations.

They're a celtic rock band. It sounded a lot like 90s music (think Collective Soul, Pearl Jam) but with bagpipes and a fiddle. Anyway, we just watched them until they packed up their gear and left. 

We're planning to go see them in St. Augustine next year.

The kids attended Dapper Day at Disney. It's just what the name implies: A day to get dressed up in fancy clothes and go to Disney. 

All in all, it was a good week.

How was YOUR week? Anything interesting or exciting? Leave a comment!

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  1. I love your conference room kitchen! Praying everything works out!

    1. Right? The house has it's issues, but it's better than NO home, right? I love the open space design. Makes it seem so large.

  2. I'm glad to hear you found a home, Michelle! Good luck on the rest of your move process...

    1. Thanks, Demetria! Good to see you here.


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