Homeschooling Middle School Kids with GrammarFlip

Dec 8, 2016

A simple, straight-forward homeschool grammar program that is perfect for independent learning in the middle school years.

child doing homeschool lessons on a laptop

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Over the years, I've pretty much stuck with grammar books that fit with our Charlotte Mason philosophy. And I still like those books.

But the world is more technology-oriented these days, which means we have more options when it comes to homeschool curriculum choices.

As most of you know, my kids and I prefer real books and pencil/paper over online learning. Every now and then, however, we try out an online learning program.

This time, it's GrammarFlip.

What is GrammarFlip?

GrammarFlip is an online grammar curriculum for middle and high school students.

We started the program last week and my daughter is actually enjoying it. Typically, with online learning, she gets frustrated with having to "read too much." (Dyslexia isn't her friend.) 

I'm happy to say that hasn't been the case with GrammarFlip.

Benefits of Homeschooling with GrammarFlip

Independent Learning

My daughter is 13 years old, and we're working on independence. GrammarFlip allows her to learn independently, while receiving feedback as she goes along.

Writing Practice

Each lesson is followed up with a writing assignment to put into practice the skills learned. These lessons can be handwritten or integrated with Formative for kids who prefer or need to use a keyboard.

Skill Mastery

Also included with each lesson is a quiz. The quizzes give instant feedback to the student, while informing you of the child's grades and progress. 

GrammarFlip is an easy-to-use grammar program.

An effective educational tool doesn't need to be complicated. This is a simple, straightforward program that any child can easily navigate, making independent learning easy.

Each lesson begins with a video. On the screen, you'll see a video to the left and a slide show to the right. If your child struggles with processing issues, as mine does, the slide show tool may prove to be invaluable. 
It's also a handy tool for reviewing information.

screenshot of grammar program
Video and slide show options for lessons 

screenshot of grammarflip lesson
My daughter chooses to write in her notebook. For the sake of this post, we did one writing assignment using Formative.

It was easy to import the questions into my formative account. She signed in using her own login. Once finished, I could see her work on my own dashboard at Formative.

Screenshot of formativeAbove, we see the assignment - top and center. 
On the lower left, I can see her work. 
To the right, I see she completed 50% of her assignments.

On the teacher dashboard, I can see my daughter's progress and assigned grade. 
While I don't need to assign grades in my homeschool, it's a necessary tool of communication in this case. It keeps me updated on her progress.

What's Included in the Grammar Curriculum?

Grammarflip includes 60 lessons covering everything from common nouns and verb phrases to gerunds and infinitives. As well, there are games for reinforcing information, which is always an effective learning tool. In fact, that's my daughter's favorite part. 

What We Think of GrammarFlip

My daughter is enjoying this grammar curriculum. She's often less than confident regarding her knowledge of proper grammar (we can thank dyslexia for that), and this program is helping her become more confident in that area.

She enjoys the short lessons and immediate feedback on the quizzes.

Writing is important to knowledge retention, so I appreciate those. I am also pleased that there are options. For kids who have dysgraphia, keyboarding is often easier for them. 

Options. I'm all about options.

Along that same thought, the video with the slide show option is great. Since my child has dyslexia and auditory processing disorder, we appreciate the slideshow feature. If she misses something along the way, it's helpful to have that slideshow available to go back and read at her own pace.

This curriculum definitely gets a thumbs up from us!

Add GrammarFlip to YOUR Homeschool Curriculum

Visit GrammarFlip to begin your free trial.

As of this writing (2016), the program only costs $7 per month or $39 per yearSeriously, how many curriculum programs are that affordable? It's a great deal.

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  1. I love online curriculum for kids. It makes it more fun for the kids and easier on mom. I will be checking this out. Thanks Michelle! Thanks so much for linking up at #familyfriday we appreciate it! We hope you come back next week.

    1. I need to blog more! Then I'll be back. ;-)

  2. Sounds like a great alternative to workbooks. I'm pinning this.

    1. It really is! My kids are fine with workbooks to a degree, but this program is inexpensive and thorough.


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