Our 'School Room' 2012-13

Aug 12, 2012

Not Back to School Blog Hop

It's School Room week at the NOT Back-to-School Blog Hop. Not a lot has changed since last year. Our dining room is still the main schooling area. If the weather permits, classes are taken outdoors. Our outdoor time really is Fall and Winter when it's not overly hot or rainy. The dining room is "home base" I guess.

 Facing North

We've added these tables to our dining room.

On the bottom, we have board games.

On the top is all "language arts" books
(literature, grammar, reading, spelling, etc)

These are the "workboxes". We don't really use them as a workbox system, however. The pink totes are the girls' Independent Work supplies (math, science, etc). The yellow crate is mine. It contains my binder, our family studies materials, schedules and other such things.

Bottom shelf: Science and Math books
Top: Geography and History books

This is the entire wall of materials.

Facing South

The dining table. Obviously.

Facing West

Our chalk board. Beneath is a little organizer for chalks, erasers and whatever else the girls toss into those baskets.

To the right of the chalk board is a window into our kitchen. In the window are stacks of bibles and bible-based literature, handy for bible-related homeschool lessons or the evening family study.

Facing East

Not so much a part of "school", this is an old desk someone gave me 9 years ago.
It's more of a sentimental decoration piece. A confession: The drawers are catch-alls for papers and other things the children "don't know what to do with" when they clean up. So, we're not going to peek in those today. :-)

To the right of the desk, is our arts-n-crafts storage. That holds tissue papers, bags of buttons, pipe cleaners, you name it. All sorts of stuff we buy from Discount School Supply.

You can't really see it, but there is a basket underneath the desk.
This contains all our 16-oz bottles of Tempera Paints.

Mostly for knick-knacks, it's also a convenient place for everyone's eye glasses.

Living Room. (Can you tell I have a 4 year old grandchild?)

This is command central. This dry erase board hangs in the kitchen. On it, we list work schedules, cleaning jobs, field trips, vacations and whatever else needs to be coordinated. Lorelai tacks her calendar onto it so she can keep track of her "special" things that she counts down to.. like spending the night at her sister or going to Disney on Ice.

Super-gigantic dry erase board. This is where I list chores to be done but the girls mostly use it for doodling and practice writing in whatever foreign languages they're studying. (There's a lot of Japanese going on in this picture.)
And there ya have it. Our "home base" for homeschooling.

Please go visit the rest of the school rooms in this blog hop.

Happy Homeschooling!


  1. Nice space! We have desks with catch all drawers too....at least the stuff is out of sight!

  2. My favorites: those tables with two levels and the eyeglass storage place! We try to have everyone keep eyeglasses in the same spot too. It really cuts down on time spent hunting for them!

  3. I love the tables too. I asked for "small tables" on Freecycle and got these HUGE tables. So this is how I used them! I agree about the eye glasses.

  4. True enough. I dislike that they do that. I try to keep everything orderly.. even drawers. So every few months I pull those out and figure out where the stuff should have been put. But I suppose a clear dining room is more important than clear drawers. :P

  5. Audrey_Sheppard8/12/2012

    Looks great...I wish I were as organized, but I'll get there...little by little. :)

  6. I never feel organized. But you probably know that. :P

  7. Audrey_Sheppard8/12/2012

    You sure seem organized, though. Do you have us all fooled? ;)

  8. Audrey_Sheppard8/12/2012


  9. Jessy Gaffen8/13/2012

    After curriculum, rooms are my favorite things to see for homeschooling! Such a variety...and lots of ideas for organizing (if I ever get to that point ::laugh::)

  10. Leslie8/13/2012

    Hi! Thanks for the comment you left on my blog! I love your use of creative spaces for storage! Everything is right where you need it. Very nice!

  11. Love the new blog redo! Very pretty! And what great looking rooms. I see Amy was in each one. ;-)

  12. AdenaF8/16/2012

    Our space is very similar - I think there's at least a stack of books in every room...except the bathroom. ps. Love that "amy" was everywhere LOL

  13. Rooms are my favorite in this hop, followed by curriculum.

  14. Thanks for stopping by, Leslie!

  15. Thanks, Jen! My daughter, Amy... hahahaha... she is rarely here. She's 26, a manager.. busy. But she was here for Alexis' grad party and .. marked her visit? LOL!

  16. Haha! Yeah as I was telling another commenter.. that's one of my daughters and she, being 26 and busy, isn't here much. She made sure we all knew she had finally come around I guess. :P

  17. I love all your ideas. That window from the kitchen is awesome.Thanks for link for school supplies too, that will really help us.

  18. Replies
    1. Thanks, Chrissy. I kind of miss that space since we've moved.


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