About Me

My name is Michelle. I'm a former homeschooling mom, which is why there are plenty of homeschool posts on this blog. All five of my kids are now adults, and I have four grandchildren. 

I was born in Tennessee, and grew up in Florida. Mostly. We moved a lot, so there were a few stays in Tennessee and Georgia, but mostly I'm a Floridian. I'm a Southerner, for sure, from the way I speak to the foods I eat. Sadly, living in Central Florida for far too long, I had lost a certain connection with the Southern Culture and didn't even realize it until I spent six months in Georgia in 2018. It all came back to me!

Flower gardening, hiking - anything that allows me to be outside - are huge on my list of passions. As well, I enjoy reading, and encourage growing your home library, both for yourself and your children. 

A newer interest is functional movement. For years, I've struggled with physical pain, only to find out 1) I needed to get out of foot coffins (conventional shoes), and 2) I have Ehler-Danlos Syndrome. So expect some posts related to this at some point. I'm on a journey to help my body.

About this Blog

This blog has gone through some changes over the years. It began, in 2009, as a homeschooling blog, but in 2014, it all changed when I wrote this post on how I was affected by Robin William's death. That post went viral, and changed the direction of my blog just a little. Instead of writing only about homeschooling, I started writing about topics that really mattered to me. 

Now it's 2021, and my youngest child just turned 18. I'm pretty well finished with the homeschooling topic. From now on, you'll see more posts that are related to traveling, outdoors fun, and recipes. 

Grab a cup of coffee, and browse my blog. I hope you'll find something helpful or encouraging along the way!

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