How a Charlotte Mason Education Helps Special Needs Children: Part II

Jan 21, 2013

Photo of a child reading a book

In Part 1 of How a Charlotte Mason Education Helps Special Needs Children, we discussed how family studies, narration and short lessons are beneficial to children with special needs. Today, I want to discuss The arts and outdoor time. 
Child drawing a picture
The Arts inspire creativity

The Arts
Many children with challenges are very artistic. This is especially true of children with Dyslexia. Alexis is very talented in areas of music, drawing, painting, dancing, writing, etc. (I wish I could show you the many binders of stories, plays, drawings and such she has filled during the course of her life!) Lorelai loves music and dancing. A focus on art, music, composers, artists and poets is something they both enjoy learning and can relate to on a personal level. These people we study, these artists, are people similar to themselves. Many of them had their own challenges and are "like" my girls. The arts are especially good for them.

Outdoor Time
Ms. Mason recommended a good 3-6 hours of outdoor time for children. Outdoor time is necessary and healthy for all children, but it does have it's special benefits to children dealing with challenges. Children with Bipolar Disorder have a great number of anxieties. Getting out in nature, running about and playing can help allay those anxieties to a great extent. For example, my youngest "cycles" daily and it begins at about 1pm. It usually begins with the onset of anxious feelings when then trigger the "mood swings" If she can go outside and play from 1-6pm, it's almost guaranteed that she will remain "balanced" and not cycle through the range of emotions on that day.
Child playing in the mud
Outdoor play is a great emotional outlet

For children on the Autism spectrum being outdoors may present some challenges due to sensory issues but isn't this a great time to get one-on-one with them and do some sensory work? Children with A.D.H.D. can run off some of that extra energy they so often have. I'm sure I could write about the benefits of outdoor time all day. But you get the picture.

These are just a few things that come to mind when considering how this method helps my children in their homeschooling.

How do the arts and outdoor time help your homeschool children?

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