A Week of Big Steps

Feb 22, 2013

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

We've been taking some "big steps" around here. I've made some changes; Alexis made strides in math. Progress!

In my life this week...

I came to some big decisions. I keep hearing "Simplify, simplify, simplify" in my mind. I took down all websites and blogs which are no longer serving me well. This included my southern cooking blog (never had the time), my natural mothering blog (my focus is no longer on homebirthing, cloth diapering or breastfeeding), my green cleaning website (I'm shutting down the business due to lack of business). 

So here I am. I feel a sense of loss. Nine years of those businesses shut down in a matter of seconds. Hard to believe. Sometimes, this is the type of thing we must do. I also feel a great weight.. a pressure to keep up with the marketing on those.. lifted off of me. Now I can redirect that time and focus to the two blogs I care about most. This homeschool blog and Life on My Planet. Yes. This will be better. 

In our homeschool this week...

We're at the end of Week 11 of Term III.  

Alexis had a huge breakthrough in math on Wednesday night. Having Dyscalculia, her math skills have stagnated for years. The other night she printed out some worksheets, determined that she was going to figure it out one way or another. And she did! She was so happy and her confidence revived. We are about to try Math-U-See with her. If I'm getting one, I may as well get two. Therefore, Lorelai will also be starting in Math-U-See.

I'm about to begin a spelling program with Lorelai. Although I wholeheartedly believe in the power of copywork and dictation, she has some special challenges with spelling. So we're going to try something systematic with her in the hopes that her spelling skills improve. 

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing...
This week, we're not going and seeing anything or anyone. But we are working on some big adventures. I'm excited!

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…

I didn't do a lot of photo-taking this week. The few captured were of Lorelai. 

various photos of a child
Top Left: Lorelai reading
Top Right: A heart Lorelai drew composed completely of spirals.
Center Left: Lorelai with wavy hair (after a cornrow)
Bottom Left: Snuggle time..Lorelai and me
Bottom Right: Lorelai on her new bike
The "Swirly Heart" video:

Alexis' latest drawing

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But first..
Every week, we can look back and see a big accomplishment somewhere. What "big steps" have been taken in your homeschool or life this week? Share in the comments.

Happy Homeschooling!


  1. That swirl heart is amazing. I am stopping by from iHomeschool Network. I hope you'll consider adding this to my end of the week link, Its a Wrap. -Savannah www.hammocktracks.com

    1. Hi Savannah! We've spoken once before.. you're in Florida, too, I believe?

  2. Anonymous2/22/2013

    You guys had some great art projects this week! Stopping by from iHomeschool Network :-)

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Lindsay! Yes, my girls get themselves in quite a bit of art.

  3. What a wonderful week. I hope you feel better in the coming weeks with less blogs to stay on top of.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. I think it's going to be a big adjustment. My family (myself included) is still reeling from my decision to shut down the business. It's a sad time. But it's time all the same.

      Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  4. Michelle -- I think it's wonderful that you are simplifying. It's funny how we have the POWER to change our lives and lift our burdens sometimes in a matter of minutes, isn't it?

    You also have a very talented artist on your hands!

    Thanks for linking with Collage Friday!

    1. Thanks, Mary. It is powerful. Scary, but powerful!

  5. I'm sorry for the loss you feel, but I completely understand Simplify! Simplifying can sure bring some much needed focus and REST to life! Best wishes as you focus on your current projects.

    1. Thank you, Kathleen, for stopping in and for your supportive comment.

  6. I followed your example and got rid of a few things online that I didn't need any more...3 email addresses and a Facebook page. I need to do more of that in other areas of life, too. Like too much clutter in my house! Love the swirly art! Alexis is very talented, too. :)

    1. That's great, Audrey. It feels really weird not to have my cleaning service. Not that it was making us any money for the last few months but.. it's a part of our family!

  7. Change is always hard, isn't it! Yet, freeing when the right changes are made. Yay for you!

  8. Yay! For your daughter! :) I had to condense my blogs too. My other ones are still there, but I am focusing on just one right now. It just got to be too much juggling multiple blogs. Have a great week!


  9. Anonymous2/27/2013

    I love the Swirly Heart. So very cool! I love those math "light bulb" moments too! Hope your are having a great week!

  10. Change is difficult but to have a weight lifted is a good thing.
    My kids and I miss our bike riding. We have been walking in the mornings but I think it may be time to get back on our bikes.


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