Preparing a Summer Vacation Nature Study

Jun 11, 2013

Today is Day 2 of my 5-day series on Summertime Nature Studies. This series is a part of the iHomeschool Network Summer Hopscotch 2013.

We've discussed some summertime nature study ideas, but what if the family is going on summer vacation? I say that's an excellent time for a nature study. It's an opportunity to learn about a different environment and what grows or lives in it. It just takes a little preparation. 

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Preparing a Summer Vacation Nature Study

Preparation is key to any nature study. I'd say this is especially true when visiting a new place. I like to follow a 5-step process for being prepared.

Learn - Gather - Plan - Pack - Enjoy

1. Learn about the environment and habitat of the area you're visiting. Read up on the place you'll be visiting. Is it a desert? A beach? What birds, animals and wildlife live there? What unique plants and trees grow there? Consult The Handbook of Nature Study to gain some information. 

2. Gather some field guides and other nature resources that will help you once you're there. Field guides are most helpful when conducting nature studies, especially when you're in an area which has flora and fauna with which you're not familiar. 

3. Plan your nature study. Will you visit state or national parks? Are there nature or science centers and museums in the area? Make your plans so that the study can be the fun and educational experience you want it to be.

4. Pack your nature journals or some notebooking pages (or both!). You'll want to be able to document your study. Be sure to include your field guides and the Handbook of Nature Study. 

5. Enjoy your vacation and your nature study. Remember that learning is fun and can be a big part of the memories you create on your summer family vacation. 

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This post is a part of iHomeschool Network's Summer Hopscotch 2013.
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