7 Books You Can Use for Composer Studies

Oct 21, 2013

Today is Day #6 of my 10-day series, Composer Studies for Young Scholars

One key feature in a Charlotte Mason style composer is the use of living books. Living books offer more than a dry text or biography. The children can get to know the composer in a deeper way by traveling to the time and place in which the composer lived. Humans retain what they experience and, while the child isn't actually experiencing the life of the composer, living books help transport the child through their imagination. Living books help with information retention.

A list of 7 living books to help you with composer studies in your homeschool.

7 Books You Can Use for Composer Studies

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I have used the following books in our composer studies. I found them to be both informative and enjoyable for my daughters. Often I was asked to "keep going" rather than end our reading. 

Bonus Book

Of course, if you're looking for an open-and-go type curriculum, I recommend using "A Young Scholar's Guide to Composers." (See my review here.)

I'm always looking for new books for our composer studies. Share your recommendations in the comments. 

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