Composer Studies for Young Scholars

Oct 13, 2013

If you're new to the idea of homeschool composer studies, this series is should help you get started!

Perhaps you're interested in adding art studies to your homeschool curriculum. Check out The Ultimate Guide to Artist Studies.

A 10-day series covering many aspects of teaching homeschool studients of all ages. Lots of resources!

Composer studies are a favorite in our household. Since our early days of learning the Charlotte Mason method, the idea of children learning about composers and classical music has appealed to me as a mother and educator.

You don't need to be Charlotte Mason homeschoolers to teach these subjects, of course. Regardless of your homeschooling style, including the arts in your homeschool can be of great benefit to your children.


  1. Anonymous10/17/2013

    Do you teach them how to compose a little or just on composers?

    1. Creative Dad,

      Good question. On this subject, it's just a matter of learning about the composers, their biographies and their music.


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