Composer Studies for Young Scholars

Oct 13, 2013

I'm participating in the Autumn 2013 Hopscotch series at iHomeschool Network. My topic of choice is composer studies. I will be creating 10 posts related to teaching children about composers and music. 
A 10-day series covering many aspects of teaching homeschool studients of all ages. Lots of resources!

Composer studies are a favorite in our household. Since our early days of learning the Charlotte Mason method, the idea of children learning about composers and classical music has appealed to me as a mother and educator.

You needn't be a Charlotte Mason homeschoolers to teach these subjects. Including the arts in your homeschool can be of great benefit to your children.

My 10-day series will include...

Composer Studies for Young Scholars 

Day 1 - 4 Reasons to Teach Composer Studies
Day 2 - Composer Studies for The Very Young
Day 3 - Composer Studies for Older Children
Day 4 - Composer Studies for High School Students
Day 5 - A Young Scholar's Guide to Composers Giveaway
Day 6 - 7 Books You Can Use for Composer Studies
Day 7 - Composer Study: Exposing Children to the Music
Day 8 - Resources for Composer and Music Studies
Day 9 - An Antonio Vivaldi Composer Study
Day 10 - Composer Study Series Recap

This series is a part of iHomeschool Network's Autumn Hopscotch 2013  
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  1. Anonymous10/17/2013

    Do you teach them how to compose a little or just on composers?

    1. Creative Dad,

      Good question. On this subject, it's just a matter of learning about the composers, their biographies and their music.


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