Our Trip to Anime Weekend Atlanta 2013

Oct 7, 2013

I meant to have this post published on Saturday. As you will see, I haven't been home, so here it is a couple of days late. 

In my life this week...

I've been away from home. I've been away from home a lot

Last week, we left on Wednesday to stay at my daughter's house. The following day, we departed for Georgia, to attend the Anime Weekend Atlanta con which was held Friday-Sunday. It was one of the greatest weekends we've ever had.

We returned on Monday evening. On Friday, we drove to Tampa to attend the ShadoCon Final Fantasy Ball. That didn't turn out well because we had some challenges that caused us to arrive quite late. Being late wasn't the problem. The problem was that event ended two hours earlier than we thought. The girls were disappointed but not nearly as upset as I would expect.
We were busy with anime cons, so homeschool was closed to formal lessons. Still, we're homeschoolers and I take deep appreciation in the fact that learning never stops.

We took a trip to Georgia. This was the first time Alexis and Lorelai have crossed the Florida state line. No, really. They've never known anything outside of our subtropical existence.

Georgia is so very different from Central Florida. Although I lived there when I was 8 and 9 years old, my children were able to see things they've never seen. Hills, for instance, are something they've never seen. They've also never seen a city like Atlanta. In fact, the biggest city they've ever seen was Orlando, which, in my opinion, is a wannabe city.

Also, I consider going to these events to be a big part of Alexis' art education. She's a very talented artist and wants to be a voice actor. Going to these events, where she can learn more from the top people in the industry, serves to further her knowledge about one of her biggest interests.

So is it homeschool? Absolutely. 

My kid's favorite things about cons

Alexis' favorite things:
  • Opening ceremonies
  • Getting to ask Eyeshine a question
  • Attending the Todd Haberkorn and Eyeshine concert
  • AWA Maid Cafe
  • Eyeshine concert
  • Polo recognized her again.
  • Vic Mignogna recognized her from Khaotic Kon. He tapped her nose and said, "I remember that face."
  • Georgia weather.
Lorelai's favorite things:
  • Lorelai was a big hit at this anime con just as she was at Khaotic Kon. She spent her days being stopped every few steps by people requesting a photo of or with her. She has such fun being "Tiny Miku."
  • The kids attended an Eyeshine concert. During the concert, Johnny Yong Bosch (lead singer, former Power Ranger, voice actor, etc) waved to Lorelai. Later, the drummer, Maurice, reached into the audience to hand his drumstick to Lorelai. After the concert, the girls had their photos taken with the band at which time the band members signed Lorelai's drumstick.
  • Vic was walking by us and stopped to talked to Lorelai. Recognizing her from Khaotic Kon, he picked her up and gave her a big hug while spinning around joyfully. Just awesome.
  • We attended a Hatsune Miku concert.
  • Lorelai got her tie signed by Vic Mignogna.

There's a story with this next photo collage. I was just taking photos of Vic Mignogna as he walked by me, when someone tapped my shoulder to ask a question. When I turned back, Mr. Mignogna was talking to Lorelai, recognized her, then picked her up and spun around with her. So I didn't get a video, I got blurry photos. Still, I'm keeping them. 

Lorelai's weekend as Hatsune Miku

Taken after the Final Fantasy Ball at ShadoCon, the girls show off their gowns.

Anime cons are one of our family's favorite things to do. 

What about your family? Share some of your favorite activities in the comments. 
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  1. Anonymous10/07/2013

    Sounds like a very fun weekend. My kids all learn differently as well. Good luck with the adjustments. Hope you can find some things that will work for her.

    Sara (sarasamomx5)

    1. Hi Sara! I do enjoy teaching the girls together but it is time for Alexis to learn to do more on her own. As well, their schedules are rarely in sync, so I rarely get to teach them at the same time anyway.

      Hope you're having a great week!

  2. Oh I've gone to the one near our home. The kids have a blast. I mean who doesn't like dressing up?

    1. Right? Costumes are fun! My girls go "all out" if they can. Obviously, Lorelai couldn't grow floor-length blue hair but Alexis did cut and dye hers to be Haruhi. They remain in character throughout the entire con as well.

  3. Hi sister, our family goes to the Renaissance Festival every year, and yes, we all dress up. Even the baby has a costume, everyone loves it and we often get pictures taken. My older daughters are also into manga and anime but my daughter has some trouble finding stories that are not saturated with spiritism or adult themes. How does your family deal with this? What are some of your girls' favorite stories and shows? My 13yr old is always on the look out for new stories that she can enjoy and has started to draw some of her own, she would love to know what others have found.

    1. We do the Renaissance Festival, too. Such fun!

      I agree, there are a lot of anime and manga comics/shows loaded with that sort of thing. My daughter is very good at picking and choosing. She researches everything before she watches. If she's unsure, she comes to or her older sisters about it. Some shows sort of fall into a 'middle' I suppose. The conscience is always being put to work!

      The one that stands out in my mind is Ouran. She loves that one. I'm not sure what else she's into. It's hard to keep track since I don't watch them.


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