5 Pinteresting Homeschool Boards You Should Follow

Mar 10, 2014

A list of five Pinterest boards specifically designed to inspire you in your homeschool journey.

Pinterest is a lot of things: Fun, entertaining, a great bookmark and, if you're a website owner, a terrific source of traffic.

Do you know what else it is? A homeschool resource. Whether you're in need of ideas for a science project or worksheets for math someone has surely bookmarked it on Pinterest.

I am one of those people. I have loved Pinterest from the start have over 60 boards, because I try to keep things organized. I don't pin everything I see, but when I do pin, I want to be able to find it later.

Today I'm sharing with you five of my favorite homeschool boards. They're my favorite subjects, therefore my favorite boards.

Composer and Music Studies

On this board, you'll find all sorts of ideas for music and composer studies. You'll find helpful resources such as:

This is where I collect everything related to art. There are artist studies, art lessons and art appreciation posts galore. Examples:

Nature Study and Science

On this board you'll find nature study and science resources. Nature study is a favorite subject. If I could do nature studies all day, every day, I'd be the happiest homeschool mama on earth. 

Science, outside of nature study, is not one of my favorite subjects. That's why I need all the pinnable ideas I can find. 

Language Arts

This board includes all things related to language arts. I often wonder if I should divide it up by individual subjects (writing, spelling, reading, etc), but I think that may be a bit much. I don't know. For now, it's all on this board. 

Sample pins:

Homeschooling Special Needs

This is a relatively new board for me, but one where I collect and share information on homeschooling children with special needs. The pins cover a variety of special needs and topics such as:

It's your turn!

Share a link to one of YOUR Pinterest boards in the comments so I can follow it. 

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