2 Books Every Homeschool Mom Needs

Dec 7, 2015

two homeschool books

Maybe you're new to homeschooling. Maybe you aren't. 

No matter what your situation is, these books need to be on your bookshelf (or Kindle).

When you're new, you feel unsure about where to start. When you've been at it for 20 years, you need fresh ideas. 

In these two books you are sure to find creative ideas for managing your homeschool, teaching your kids, and feeling like there is someone else on this journey with you.

Because we are out here. And we want to help.

2 Books Every Homeschool Mom Needs

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Big Book of Homeschool Ideas

The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas by iHomeschool Network

This book is INCREDIBLE. I have a printed copy myself. Written by 55 moms covering 103 topics. 

Did you see that? I said 103 topics!

This book goes beyond academic basics. It delves into all types of methods, activities, and stages of life. 

For instance, you'll find tips on homeschooling through specific situations like
  • pregnancy
  • single parenthood
  • deployment
This book is FULL of creative homeschooling ideas such as
  • learning with video games
  • using LEGO bricks for learning
  • learning with gardening
  • homeschooling using movies
There are tips for all sorts of families, too. There are chapters on homeschooling
  • girls
  • boys
  • twins
  • large families
  • only children

Get your digital copy here or your printed copy on Amazon.

How We Teach

How We Teach by iHomeschool Network

Perhaps you're an eclectic homeschooler who wants to see how unschooling works. Or maybe you're unschooling elementary ages, but wondering what the Charlotte Mason method looks like for middle school.

Each other (myself included) was asked to choose a method, subject, and age range

For instance:
  • I chose Charlotte Mason, fine arts, elementary. 
  • Then I wrote "Cultivating the Finer Things: Giving Your Child a Fine Arts Education."
  • I chose Charlotte Mason, language Arts, elementary.
  • With that, I wrote "Language Arts the Natural Way."
  • Then I chose eclectic, foreign Language, middle school. 
  • I wrote "Bring Foreign Language to Life."
  • Finally, I chose Charlotte Mason, history, high school.
  • This resulted in "Living Books Aren't Just for Little Kids."
See all chapter titles here.

As you can see, there are as many ways to homeschool as there are homeschool families. This book gives you a peek into those different styles. You may just find yourself inspired to try something new!

Get your copy here

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