4 Ways for High School Kids to Earn Money This Summer

Jul 8, 2016

Teens love having a little spending money. Here are a few ways your high school child can make some extra spending money this summer.

If you've got high school kids sitting around with summer boredom, you might be wondering how you can help get them entertained and moving.
Furthermore, if they're of driving age or want to buy some things for themselves, you might be wondering how to help your high school kids earn money on their own this summer.
There are lots of great ways for high school kids to earn money and in this post, we'll cover some of the best ways to do that!

4 ways for High School Kids to Earn Money this Summer

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1. Amazon trade-ins.
Did you know you can trade items in on Amazon for Amazon credit? If you and your family love to shop on Amazon, this is a great way to earn some extra money. Your high school kids can earn money by trading in things like old cell phones, tablets, video games, and more! Often, you'll earn more money trading in video games through Amazon than at places like GameStop so it's definitely worth the extra work it takes to trade in via Amazon.
2. Yard sales!
Alternatively, if your kids have a lot of things to get rid of, yard sales are a great option for high school kids to earn money this summer. Not only could the whole family get rid of some items and earn money, but your high school kids can organize and create signs and such to help out. Even if you sell a ton of stuff at $1 for each item, it adds up quickly and can sum up to a nice little summer fund!
3. Car washes.
If your high schoolers want to earn some extra money this summer, car washes are another great option. This opens them to the possibility of inviting their friends to come help and spend time together while cooling down in the summer heat too! If they are working towards saving money for a certain goal (ie. a car or college), this is a great way to fill that savings jar!
4. Babysit.
One of the timeless ways for high school kids to earn money during the summer! Babysitting is a great way to not only earn money, but earn references for jobs and even character recommendation letters in the future if they do a good job. Some people pay around minimum wage for babysitting, but every once in a while, you'll find someone who pays a lot more and is willing to help high school kids save up to meet their goals!
What other ways do your high school kids earn money during the summer? Share in the comments below!

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