Why the Tari for Women Is My Favorite Chelsea Style Boot

Aug 10, 2021

If you're looking for a Chelsea style boot to add to your shoe collection, you're going to love the Tari for Women. You can wear this dressy, lightweight boot on any occasion in comfort and style!

Closeup of Tari for Women boots

{Disclosure: I received these boots free of charge in exchange for my honest opinions. This post contain affiliate links.}

How often do you find yourself loving your footwear, but not loving the way they make your feet feel at the end of the day? Girl, same! I think we've all been there. "Beauty is pain," we tell ourselves, but the truth is it doesn't have to be that way.

This boot is cute, stylish, and best of all - minimalist! Look good out on the town or in the office, and show your feet some love at the same time!

The Tari for Women is super comfortable.

I love cute shoes just as much as anyone else, but I don't appreciate the pain that usually comes with them. For this, and many other reasons, my family switched to barefoot shoes a few years ago.

The Tari for Women, is the latest in my collection. These fashionable boots are perfect for a day of downtown shopping, going to the movies, hanging out at Disney Springs (yes, I'm a Floridian), or anywhere else you want to feel cute!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that two of my favorite activities are hiking and exploring/photographing downtown areas. That's a lot of walking, y'all! So I need shoes that don't hurt my feet, or make my legs ache.

Why this Chelsea style boot is better

Before I get into my opinions of the boot, let's talk about what makes them different from traditional Chelsea boots.

Zero Drop Heel

Unlike traditional Chelsea boots, which have a higher heel, Tari boots have a zero drop heel. What does that mean? It means your heel and your toes are at the same level. 

When you are standing on your bare feet, your heel is not lifted higher than your toes, is it? That's how zero drop shoes fit. The idea here is that when we walk naturally, our comfort, stride, and posture are improved.

Closeup of boots
Tari boots have a wide toe box and zero drop heel

Wide Toe Box

Traditional Chelsea boots have a more pointed toe box, which squishes your toes together, and affects the way you use your feet.

The Tari for Women has a wide toe box, allowing your toes to splay, and your feet to maintain their natural shape. You can walk around downtown, at theme parks, or wherever your heart desires, and feel good (literally!) in these boots.


Chelsea boots have barely any flexibility at all, but with the Tari for Women from Xero Shoes, you can ball the shoe up with one hand. That flexibility allows your foot to be flexible, which means you can move more naturally and comfortably.

FeelTrue® sole

The sole of this boot, like other barefoot shoes, allows you to feel the ground while offering the protection and traction you need. You still benefit from all the sensory input of being barefoot, while still being able to feel the ground. (Honestly, this my favorite feature of minimalist shoes.)

Comfort and style come together

As I said earlier, I've been wearing minimalist shoes for years. Mostly they've been sneakers and hiking shoes. My daughters have some casual shoes and sandals from Xero Shoes, but I've always been more focused on what I could wear on hiking trails. 

I was pretty excited to find out Xero Shoes was coming out with this boot, though, and just in time for fall! I just had to have them.

My review of the Tari boots from Xero Shoes

The first thing I noticed was the boots are made of a soft leather - almost like suede, but a nicer feel. They were easy to get on and off, and they allowed my feet to feel the ground, as they should. Yet, they felt like they truly fit my foot - not too loose, not too snug - but perfect! 

These will be my go-to footwear for travel and downtown exploring, so that's where I took them - downtown!

Woman leaning against light post

I spent the day walking around in these and pretty much forgot I was wearing boots. They weigh only 9.6oz, so I didn't feel like I was lugging a boot around on the end of my legs. And they were as comfy as any of my barefoot sneakers.

The ability to feel the ground beneath me always makes me feel more steady, balanced, and in control. I walked on curbs, sidewalks, and even on the edge of a fountain feeling completely secure in the traction provided by the sole, as well as my own ability to use my foot muscles to control my movement - which is the point of barefoot shoes. At the end of the day, my feet didn't ache from all the walking. 

Comfort plus style for the win! 

They come in two classic colors: toffee (pictured here) and black, which means they'll go with just about any look! Wear them to work, shopping, or just about anywhere!

Woman sitting next to a fountain

If you're looking for a comfortable, lightweight, fashionable boot, then check out the Tari for Women

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