7 Inexpensive Kitchen Tools That You'll Love

Jan 16, 2023

Quality, affordable kitchen tools don't have to be expensive. Make your time in the kitchen more efficient with these 7 inexpensive kitchen tools.

kitchenware on a counter in front of a tile wall

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If you want your kitchen to be a functional space where you can work the most efficiently, then you'll need a few basic, and not-so-basic, items. But who wants to spend a fortune? Not me! And probably not you, either. 

Take a look around your kitchen. What would help you get things done more quickly or easily? Then prioritize them. There are so many quality, affordable kitchen tools available to you. 

From problem solving to organization, these 7 inexpensive kitchen tools will make prepping, cooking and storage activities a breeze! 

pair of hands opening jar with jar opener tool

Jar Opener for Stubborn Lids or Weak Hands

You know those jars that just refuse to open and the lid won't budge no matter what you do? Use this handy jar opener gadget that's perfect for those with carpal tunnel, small hands, or weak muscles. End the struggle with this stainless steel gripper tool that does all of the work for you!

two pairs of kitchen scissors

Kitchen Scissors

Keep a set of scissors in your kitchen that are dedicated to kitchen tasks and food items. This set of super sharp kitchen shears can slice through everything from meat to plastic. The stainless steel blades are even dishwasher safe to keep everything sanitary. You'll wonder how you ever prepped meals without them.

two lazy susans, one containing spice jars, and another containing snack items

Lazy Susan

While lazy susan turntables are perfect for on-counter use, keeping them in cabinets, pantries and even refrigerators is also a great idea. This set of acrylic turntables is perfect for spice jars in the cabinet and bottles and condiments in the fridge. Keep items contained and easily accessible with these handy organization tables.

package containing baking mats of various colors

Silicon Baking Mat Set

If you're still baking with tin foil or parchment paper, consider switching to easy to use and easy to clean reusable silicone baking mats. This set offers a variety of sizes and shapes that will fit almost any baking vessel you use. They're made of food-grade silicon so you can use them with confidence.

kitchen scale

Kitchen Scale

Easy to use, this little battery operated kitchen scale will ensure you're using just the right amount of any ingredient you need. Accurate to 1 gram, this gadget also allows you to convert measurements, too.

hand holding thermometer over steak

Food Thermometer

This instant read thermometer will let you know if your food has reached the appropriate temperature. From meats to candy making, this easy to use probe will accurately calculate the internal temperature of your item. From grill to oven and everything in between, serve your food with confidence with the help of this food safety gadget.

storage containers filled with food

Glass Storage Containers

Move over plastic, it's time to use glass containers to hold leftovers. Thick glass containers that are leak proof and air proof do an excellent job of saving food and keeping it fresh without the risk of any leaching and toxic chemicals. The snap on lids are clear making it easy to see what's inside. They're stackable to help keep everything organized.

Hopefully, you've found some inspiration here. 

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