Easy Eggnog Latte

Dec 24, 2023

This Eggnog Latte is a creamy and warmly spiced treat that's sure to brighten your day. Combining the rich, creamy goodness of traditional eggnog with the robust flavor of coffee, this delightful concoction is sure to become a favorite.

This simple yet indulgent recipe that brings the joy of the winter season to your mug!

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Eggnog Latte Recipe

The winter season is here, and with that comes a certain feeling in the air that calls for cozy moments and heartwarming beverages. One comforting drink that perfectly embodies the spirit of the season is the Egg Nog Latte.

Whether you're looking for a new coffee drink, or just a comforting way to warm up, this latte is sure to hit the spot. Crafting the perfect latte doesn't have to be difficult. In fact, you can whip this up in minutes with only handful of ingredients.

a cup of eggnog latte with a carton of eggnog in the background

Why You'll Love this Eggnog Latte 

  • It's quick and easy - you only need 5 or 6 ingredients, and it only takes 10 minutes to make.
  • It's delicious - this latte is loaded with classic eggnog flavor.
  • It's a creamy and rich latte - eggnog is a creamy, rich drink, thanks to the cream and egg yolks, making this latte extra special. 


Like my other drink recipes, this only requires a few basic ingredients to make a delicious drink.
  • eggnog (prepared or homemade)
  • espresso or strong brewed coffee* (see note)
  • whipped cream for topping
  • nutmeg for topping
  • cinnamon sticks, optional, for topping

containers of eggnog, nutmeg, whipped cream, and coffee

How to Make an Eggnog Latte

If you have these ingredients on hand, you can make this any time you like. And if you have guests? Perfect! Whip this up for them. They'll all want the recipe!

  1. Pour the Eggnog into a small saucepan and heat it over medium heat until it becomes steamy. 
  2. Transfer it to your preferred mug, then pour in the espresso and stir.
  3.  Finish by topping it with whipped cream and a dash of nutmeg.

Helpful Tips, Tricks, and Equipment

  • Avoid bringing the eggnog to a boil; the goal is to generate steam on top with the formation of small bubbles on the surface.
  • To make strongly brewed coffee, simply double the amount of coffee grounds without increasing the amount of water. 

eggnog latte with whipped topping in a cup

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