Sharing My Daughters' Artwork

Aug 23, 2011

As I've mentioned in previous posts, Alexis loves to draw. Lorelai doesn't particularly "love" it but she does it with Alexis in order to spend time with her. A few months ago, I wanted to share with you Lorelai's first attempt at anime (it was a more humorous moment when she showed it to everyone.. even she was cracking up) and then her second attempt (much improved). Unfortunately, with the move, I can't locate that first oh-so-funny drawing. Suffice it to say, that she drew a tongue sticking out of a person's face and it looked more like a buck-toothed hillbilly. 

Today, I am sharing with you several of their drawings. The photos won't be all that great because I am using my android (not exactly photography quality!) because the real camera has dead batteries and I'm impatient. 
So here are some of the girls' artwork. Many thanks goes to my son who teaches them drawing and painting. 

Lorelai's Drawings (age 8)
There aren't many.. and the few here are wrinkled. As I said, drawing isn't her 'thing' and she doesn't place much importance on keeping them. I am going to have to keep them to myself I think.

Lorelai's first "real" drawing

Alexis' Drawings (age 13)
 She's very into drawing. Some of these take all day to complete but it's what she loves to do.

More of her artwork can be found at

Do you or your children enjoy drawing or some other form of art? If so, What types? 
Do you have a blog post sharing your art? Share it with us!

Happy Homeschooling!


  1. Malea Baer8/23/2011

    Fantastic work! My son loves to draw stick figure comics, often based on events of World War II, or futuristic war type stuff.  I don't actually share his work online though.

  2. Alexis also makes comics with her anime. I couldn't make those come through very well on the camera phone, however.

  3. Cris C8/23/2011

    Great Job! I have a 13 yr old cousin who also likes to draw them. Very good =)

  4. Lexi's 13 too. It's almost (I'm being kind) an obsession with her.

  5. Those a fantastic!  Great job, girls.  :-)

  6. Lexi is very proud of her artwork. Now if I could get her to do much of anything else! LOL


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