Summer Nature Unit Studies

Jun 14, 2013

Today is Day 5 of my 5-day series on Summertime Nature Studies. This series is a part of the iHomeschool Network Summer Hopscotch 2013.

As summer quickly approaches, it's a good idea to start planning our summer nature studies. The possibilities are endless, but sometimes it's difficult to decide what to do first or next, isn't it?

On Monday, I listed some ideas for summer nature studies. Today, we're going to talk about nature unit studies.

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Summer Nature Unit Studies

I've recently moved into the Ocala National Forest, so I'm looking forward to new and diverse things to study. I can't tell you how excited I am to begin our summer in such a wonderful place! There are plants, insects, types of lizards and butterflies that I've not seen before. 

What we study here in Florida may be different than what you study. For instance, that whole "April showers brings May flowers.." rhyme doesn't apply to us. For us, the summer is when we get rain. In fact, we get 30 days of rain in either June or July. So we could study rain in the early summer.

I happen to be someone who struggles with nature study. Yes, it's true. As much as I love nature, hiking and nature studies, I lack the creativity and scientist brain for creating my own studies.

That's why I turn to NaturExplorers by Shining Dawn Books.

These nature unit studies fit well with the Charlotte Mason method of education, including poetry, art and literature. They are perfect for someone like me who doesn't have time or inclination for creating my own studies. 

It's a very open-n-do kind of study and I deeply appreciate that. Sure I have to gather a few things like the literature but that's far easier than starting from "scratch" and not knowing what to do.

Animal signs, butterflies, fruits and nuts are a few topics offered by the series that would make excellent summer nature unit studies. 

NaturExplorers' unit studies are a simple way to conduct nature studies.

If you can't decide on a study, perhaps the Early Summer Bundle or Late Summer Nature Bundle would help. Check out NaturExplorers to get some more ideas for Nature Studies.

Do you struggle with nature studies or does it come natural to you?

This post is a part of iHomeschool Network's Summer Hopscotch 2013.
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