10 Unexpected Benefits of Homeschooling

Jul 9, 2013

Things I didn't expect when I began homeschooling.

The benefits of homeschooling cannot be overstated.

There are obvious benefits such as individualized learning and plenty of one-on-one time. I've found there are plenty of unexpected benefits as well.

Here are a few I've experienced:

Homeschooling means freedom.

I had preconceived notions about homeschooling. I originally tried to turn out home into a small version of the public school classroom. I never expected that we could "do school" outside, at a park, in a forest, or at on the beach. 

I never expected there were so many ways of homeschooling! Freedom to do what we want, how we want, when and where we want was definitely unexpected.

We can be flexible.

I thought we had to homeschool according to the traditional public school calendar. Yeah. I thought that. 

Our school year runs April 1 - March 31 of each year. We take a one-month break every three months. 

Florida requires 180 of homeschooling. Even with the three one-month breaks, that leaves 287 days to meet that requirement. Could it be easier to meet that requirement? That's 107 extra days of breaks if we want to take them!

We can visit theme parks in off-season.

Hey, I consider this a benefit. 

Living in Central Florida, it's nice to take advantage of Disney, Sea World, Wet-n-Wild, and LegoLand when everyone else is in school. No lines. Just sayin'. 

I get to be with my kids 24/7!

Yes, I realized I'd be with them all the time if we homeschooled. What I didn't realize is the incredible benefits that come from this. 

The parent-child relationship is very different when homeschooling than it is when sending kids to public school. It may be difficult for a public school parent to believe, but it's true. 

There is no such thing as a 'generation gap.' I am convinced that's a result of spending far too many hours per day in an institutional setting which clearly separates adults and children.

The kids learn necessary life skills.

Yes, we can teach life skills to kids who are attending public school. There are even home economic classes, right? But which do you think builds a stronger foundation? A class or two in high school? Or 18 years of hands-on, real-life experience?

It's the difference between learning about flying from a textbook, and logging your hours of hands-on flying lessons. Which will better prepare you for the task?

I get to experience all the "firsts."

Having my children with me all the time has made me realize the "firsts" don't end with the first day of Kindergarten.

I can see that I missed a lot of those milestones, or they went unnoticed, when my older kids were in school. Having the kids at home, I saw many developmental "firsts" even in their teens.

I learn alongside my kids.

I did well in school, and retained pretty much everything I learned. Still, as I teach my kids, I learn new things all the time.

My kids act their age.

I've found that my homeschooled children act their age. 

My 15-year-old daughter acts like a 15-year-old girl, not a teen trying to be 25 years old. At 11 or 12, she still liked doing kid things rather than being focused on boys, makeup, or things in which she shouldn't have been interested, if you know what I mean. 

I love that my kids can be kids while they have the chance. 

We have more time for family activities. 

We have plenty of time for hiking, museums, mini-vacations, going to cons, or just hanging out together.

Because we're not ruled by a 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. schedule Monday thru Friday, we can do more things together. We're not limited to weekends. If we want to go to the beach on Wednesday morning, we can. 

I do not miss the days when my kids were in school. My day essentially ended at 2 p.m. Whether it was my workday, or visiting with a friend, it stopped at 2 o'clock, so I could pick up the kids. I hated that. We could only do fun things on the weekends when the entire town decided to do those things, too.  

Nope. I don't miss it.

We have plenty of homeschool friends and field trips!

When I began homeschooling there wasn't a lot available. For 10 years, I was the only homeschool mom I knew! 

For the last 4 years, however, I've met many homeschoolers and there are always activities, classes, and field trips happening. 

It's always a wonderful time to get out there with our friends and have a day of learning and socializing! 

Can you name some unexpected benefits of homeschooling? 

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Happy Homeschooling!


  1. Anonymous7/09/2013

    Flexibility of schedules and life skills are two great benefits!

  2. Thank you for this wonderful list of unexpected benefits to encourage a mom who's anticipating homeschooling in a couple of years when my little one enters kindergarten (at home). =) God bless!!!


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