3 Reasons You Will Love the Aqua Cloud Sandal from Xero Shoes

Mar 1, 2022

The Aqua Cloud is a barefoot sandal that wears like a flip flop; feels like you're completely barefoot; and is perfect for beach days. You can even wear them on surfboards and paddle boards! 

a pair of aqua-cloud sandals on grass

If you're looking for the perfect sandal for spring and summer, you're in the right place!

Just as I have favorite boot for fall and winter, I now have a favorite sandal for spring and summer. Xero Shoes has released the Aqua Cloud, a sandal, and it's perfect for all your spring and summer activities, including water sports!

{Disclosure: As a brand ambassador for Xero Shoes, I received these shoes free of charge in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links.}

What are barefoot sandals?

Barefoot (or minimalist) shoes are shoes with thin soles that allow your foot the flexibility to move naturally, as though you are barefoot. As well, the soles allow you to feel the ground beneath your feet, sending sensory input to your brain.

A barefoot sandal, specifically, is the ultimate barefoot shoe. They are humankind's oldest footwear - something underneath the foot for protection, and a lacing system to hold them on. That's it.

Now let's talk about why you'll love the Aqua Cloud for Women.

The Aqua Cloud sandal is comfortable.

This shoe is designed for a natural feeling.

All barefoot shoes are roomy and allow you to feel the ground, but the Aqua Cloud sandal truly feels like you're wearing nothing on your feet. What could be more comfortable than that!

In addition to feeling like you're barefoot, there's a 3mm BareFoam™ layer that spans the entire footbed, giving you the feeling of walking on a cloud.

The patented lacing system allows you customize the shoe's fit, and eliminates the pressure points most thong sandals create. It's great to wear a thong sandal and not have discomfort between the toes!

This sandal fits your foot.

pair of aqua-colored sandals on woman's feet

In addition to comfort, this shoe is made to fit your foot.

"But aren't all shoes designed to fit?" you may ask.

No. No, they're not.

Most shoes are too narrow, stiff, and restrictive. Even thong sandals aren't wide or flexible enough for your foot to function naturally. And the thong tugs between your toes.

The Aqua Cloud has...

  • a wide toe-box, allowing your toes to spread and relax; 
  • a thin flexible sole that allows your foot to bend, flex, and feel the ground;
  • a zero-drop heel, allowing you to maintain proper posture, head-to-toe;
  • and that lacing system to hold it on your foot while you do all the the things freely (and no tugging between the toes).

That's a true fit to your foot!

You can live your adventures in these shoes.

closeup shot of the back of a sandal<

Whatever your passions are, these sandals let you live them freely and comfortably! This barefoot sandal combines comfort, style, and practicality.

I've been wearing them everywhere. I can do that because they're not only comfortable, they're also practical, stylish, and made or performance.

Style: Just look at them. They're cute! You can wear these with shorts, a swimsuit, jeans, a sundress - just about anything! You can get them in aqua or black (men's come in blue sapphire and black).
Practicality: Not only can you wear them with just about anything, but you can wear it pretty much anywhereI've worn them to the beach, walking around downtown shops, to the grocery store - I even have worn them to two concerts in the last week. I've also worn them while gardening and hiking.

Performance: These shoes are made for doing all the things, wet or dry. I said what I said - wet or dry.

  • The cup-shaped heel helps keep out debris. So whatever dry activity I may be involved in - hiking, gardening, or walking anywhere on this sandbar we call "Florida" - I'm not dealing with sand, dirt, rocks, or grass in my shoes. 
  • The sole is not only thin and flexible, but it's durable and has excellent grip, allowing them to be worn for water activities like paddle-boarding, surfing with complete confidence.

These shoes are perfect for all your spring and summer activities. If you live in a warm climate, like me, they may become your everyday shoe! 

They come in styles for men and women, so everyone can enjoy them. Head over to Xero Shoes for more information, and to get your own! 

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